October 9, 1767

1767 October 9 (Friday).  Richard lodged here, last night.  We reckoned.  I owe him for both the last turn here, and this; both which amount to 12 Dayes (he throwing in two pieces of Days), @ 13/6 per Day £8.2.0.  I payd him four pounds and ten shillings: there remains due to Richard £3.12.0 Old Tenor.  P.M. Deacon Wood, Lt. Baker, Neighbour Zebulun Rice, Lt. Baker [sic], Mr. Nathan Maynard, Neighbour Seth Morse (who brought a large Cheese) and a Number more (between 30 and 40 in all) got in and husked out my Corn.  The Crop proved but indifferent.  For entertainment Mrs. P. instead of the usual hot Supper, baked Applepyes and agreeable Cakes, which with Cheese proved an Acceptable [Reflection?] to the Company.  N.B. Master Jamison here likewise.  We sung part of the 4th Ps.  Mr. Seth Morse set the Tune.