October 4, 1767

1767 October 4 (Sunday).  A.M. Read Jer. 4.  Mr. Cushing preached a. and p.m. on Deut. 32.29.  P.M. Read Act. 3.  Mrs. Abigail Lock desired something might be said to the Church concerning her Delaying to bring her Child to Baptism and her purpose to bring it as soon as she could.  I therefore communicated her Mind to the Church from a written paper, which I framed as near to her Intention as I could.  Besides the Gentlemen aforesaid Mrs. Wilson (who was Patty Dunlop) dined here: and R. Temple is with us over the Sabbath.  At Eve Read part of a Sermon in the practical Preacher, vol. 2, viz. on Act. 26.28 by Dr. Samuel Clark of St. Albans.

October 5, 1767

1767 October 5 (Monday).  Mr. Hawley goes no further.  He left us, and returns homeward by Mr. Stone’s.  Two Daughters of Mr. Bucknam, viz. Miss Katey and Miss Sarah, here and dined with us.  P.M. I visited Mr. Daniel Miller and called at Several Houses — at Garfields — widow Grows — Ebenezer Millers.  Temple thrashed, he says, Eight Shock.

October 6, 1767

1767 October 6 (Tuesday).  Temple winnows (as he has counted) 26 Bushel.  P.M. preached at Lt. Bakers on Ez. 9.4.  But this Text was but the Introducing the last Exercise on Ps. 119.136.  May God please to add His Blessing and revive His work among us.  Many were absent.  At Night was the Marriage of Daniel Stockwell and Rebecca Warrin junior.

October 8, 1767

1767 October 8 (Thursday).  Mr. John Wood invites me to supper at his House this Evening after their husking in the afternoon.  I visited old Capt. Forbush.  Followed my studys as usual till Evening and then went to supper at Deacon Woods.  Master Jameson there.  N.B. We Sung Ps. 4 in Mr. Barnards Version.  N.B. Richard Temples has finished thrashing my Rye.  I think it amounts to 72 shocks.  He leaves me at half after 2 p.m.

October 9, 1767

1767 October 9 (Friday).  Richard lodged here, last night.  We reckoned.  I owe him for both the last turn here, and this; both which amount to 12 Dayes (he throwing in two pieces of Days), @ 13/6 per Day £8.2.0.  I payd him four pounds and ten shillings: there remains due to Richard £3.12.0 Old Tenor.  P.M. Deacon Wood, Lt. Baker, Neighbour Zebulun Rice, Lt. Baker [sic], Mr. Nathan Maynard, Neighbour Seth Morse (who brought a large Cheese) and a Number more (between 30 and 40 in all) got in and husked out my Corn.  The Crop proved but indifferent.  For entertainment Mrs. P. instead of the usual hot Supper, baked Applepyes and agreeable Cakes, which with Cheese proved an Acceptable [Reflection?] to the Company.  N.B. Master Jamison here likewise.  We sung part of the 4th Ps.  Mr. Seth Morse set the Tune.

October 14, 1767

1767 October 14 (Wednesday).  I had a plad and Calamanco Gown, of Mr. Moores buying, which cost me £13.15 old Tenor and Suse has made it.  It may be the last.  God grant I may be clothed with the Righteousness of Christ — that I may be ready to put off my Garment of Mortality, and to be enrobed with Glory.  P.M. Miss Kezia Adams from Ashby — and lodges here.  Mr. Joseph Harrington at Eve, is Examined — and I am to propound him.

October 15, 1767

1767 October 15 (Thursday).  A shock of an Earthquake about 11 a.m.  I rode to Mr. Joseph Harrington’s (his Wife being in such Circumstances that She could not well come here): examined her — at least in part.  Dined there.  P.M. after further Discourse with her, left her that She might take further Pains with her self.  I called at Mr. Whitneys to see Miss Love, who is got about again — went to Capt. Jonathan Fay’s, about Cyder.  Visit old Mrs. Byles, and prayed with her.  When I returned at Eve, was informed that Mr. Peter Whitney had been here.  He has brought a Letter from the Church and people of Northborough, desiring assistance in his Ordination.  Miss Kezia dined here and then returned to Medfield.

October 17, 1767

1767 October 17 (Saturday).  Mr. Tainter was lately at Brother Brecks at Springfield, says Brother Breck is so ill as to keep his Room, yet is somewhat better than he had been.  John with my Oxen and Deacon Woods and his plough, and Henry Marble (from Mr. Barnabas Newtons) to drive, plows in the hither Part of the Island Field.  Mr. John Woods kills a Lamb for me, out of the Flock which Lt. Baker keeps for me.

October 20, 1767

1767 October 20 (Tuesday).  Mr. Jacob Rice came from his F’s, and accompanyed me to Hopkinton, it being Ministers Meeting there.  Mr. Loring came there, but was taken ill — was disordered in his stomach, vertiginous etc.  Mr. Rice was examined — delivered an Exercise on Rom. 6.14.  I lodge with Mr. Loring at Mr. Barretts.  John brought 53 posts from the ministerial Lot, got out by Mr. Phinehas Maynard.

October 21, 1767

1767 October 21 (Wednesday).  N.B. Mr. Lorings Discourse while in the Chamber concerning Evidences of Grace.  Mr. Bridge of Sudbury preached the Lecture on Mat. 13.39, “the Harvest is the End of the World.”  Dr. Wilson dined with us.  N.B. I last night paid him 4 Dollars.  Mr. Rice my Company home — met my Son and Daughter Forbes who with their Eli came last night.  Sarah is gone to Boston With Mr. Wood and Mr. Jamison though in a Chair by her self to bring up Polly Forbes.

October 25, 1767

1767 October 25 (Sunday).  Mr. Forbes preaches at Northborough for Mr. Moore who engages for Brookfield.  I read Jer. 6.  Preached on Ps. 86.5 and administered the Lords supper.  All the members who have Shewn Disquietment were there.  P.M. I omitted reading.  Carry’d on the Discourse on 1 Pet. 2.9, but from 2 Tim. 1.9 and using part of the Discourse on Rom. 8.28, page 5 to p. 18.  N.B. Mrs. Maynard and my grand Daughter and little grandson, Forbes, dined with us, as these latter also lodge here.  At Eve their Parents return hither from Northborough.  My son Forbes has (in part) inform’d me of the great Troubles he meets with among some of his people, particularly from Lt. Joseph Stone, and Rufus Putnam.  We have reason mutually to Sympathize — the Lord be with us under these bitter Tryals!  N.B. Mr. F. Yesterday acquainted me with his F’s Desire that he would preach at their House (fearing he shall never have another Opportunity), but Mr. Forbes wants to return on Tuesday; therefore I appoint it on Monday 2 p.m.

October 26, 1767

1767 October 26 (Monday).  A.M. attend the Funeral of the infant Child of John Kelly in Northborough and prayed.  After Dinner I attend the Exercise at Brother Forbes’s.  (Mr. Forbes and his Daughter go with me in a Chaise.)  He preached from 2 K. 20.1, a very profitable sermon.  May God bless it to us all.  At Eve Mr. Jacob Rice of Northborough here and asks me and Mrs. P________ to afford our Company at his Wedding tomorrow.  Received a Cask with Pewter brought up from Boston by Mr. Nurse.

October 27, 1767

1767 October 27 (Tuesday).  Mr. Forbes, his Wife and Children leave us.  He rides my mare and the rest ride in a Chaise.  After Dinner Mrs. P. and I rode to Miss Hannah Maynards and Solemnized her Marriage in her own Room to Mr. Jacob Rice.  Thence we rode over to his House in Northborough.  Mr. David Maynard and his Brother Nathan — and Capt. Maynard and his Wife, were the rest of the Company.  Supped there and returned in the fore part of the Evening safely.  D.G.

October 30, 1767

1767 October 30 (Friday).  Mr. Moore dines here, and at Tea p.m., then goes to Marlborough.  Lieut. Baker kills another Sheep for me.  Mr. Joseph Harrington and his Wife here at Evening with their Relations.  John has (with my Oxen and Deacon Wood’s) fetched home from Ministerial Lot 500 Posts; being the rest that Mr. Phinehas Maynard has got out for me.  Deacon Wood raises (what I am told is) a Bake-House.