September 27, 1767

1767 September 27 (Sunday).  I have prepared enough for two Sermons on the Office of Deacons — nigh 17 pages; but must not divide it.  Therefore when I had read Jer. 3 I went on with the Repetition of the pungent and awakening Application of Sermon on the Happiness of Heaven from page 106 to 114, using for a Text Joh. 14.2, those words, “I go to prepare a place for you.”  Might it please God to add His Special Blessing!  Many Upton people are at Meeting here, Mr. Fish being gone to See his Relations.  Mrs. Rebecca Warrin dined here.  P.M. omitted the Common Reading because I had Such a long Sermon and had so much to read of Text, which was Act. 6.1-7 and mentioned also 1 Tim. 3.8-13, and which was for the Introduction of Deacon Wood into his Office.  At Eve read a sermon in Vol. II of the Practical Preacher, viz. Sermon XII by Dr. Littleton, on Psal. 90.12.