September 21, 1767

1767 September 21 (Monday).  Am somewhat employed further about Mr. Martyn’s Books.  A difficulty arises about prizing 4 Volumes of Dr. Mantons Works.  ‘Tis uncertain whether they were all Mr. Martyns; if they were, whether the 5th did not likewise.  This was to be enquired into because of the Difference there must be in the Price if it is a broken sett.  I returned home and din’d here.  Caleb Winch dined also.  We settled and I payd him in full.  Mr. Nathan Maynard Constable, came presently after Caleb was gone and was displeased because I had not sent him word of his being here, but I had unhappily forgot it (though I had told him I would if I could) till he had been some time here and then when it came into my Mind I could not perswade him to tarry, because he was to go to Boston tonight — but before he went I obliged him to promise before Mrs. P________ and me, that he would pay his Rates — which he did.  I visited Miss Love Whitney and prayed with her.