September 7, 1767

1767 September 7 (Monday).  I carryed to Capt. Maynards The last Year Journals of the House of Representatives and the Laws which he had sent me.  Also Mr. Cleavelands Narrative.  Visited Elizabeth Warrin and prayed with her.  Went by Appointment to Mrs. Marytn’s to prizing the Books.  Mr. Harrington there also, to attend that service.  But first I have their Leave to comply with the Church of Northborough Who meet to Day to choose a Pastor, and have sent to me to desire me to go to the Meeting House and pray with them previous to the Election.  I went and prayed accordingly.  Dined at Mrs. Martyns.  Mr. Whitney with us.  He is chose.  17 votes out of 19 members.  We prized the Books, but did not stay to total the Columns.  I returned home in the Evening.