September 2, 1767

1767 September 2 (Wednesday).  Mr. Daniel Forbes here and takes up his Note of Hand — which he had neglected till now, although he had paid the principal in April and the Interest except a Trifle.  But he takes this Opportunity to manifest uneasiness about what the Church acted upon the Committees Report concerning Mrs. Andrews.  He thinks the Phrase of the Report was wrong in that it did not specify what disorders they were that she testifyed against.  But, said he, I have no Thought of Complaining of you for it.  I expected Mr. Sumner to preach my Lecture; but he did not come.  Mr. Peter Whitney came, din’d, and preached on Rom. 3.28.  May God grant us right Understanding of the great Doctrine of Justification by Faith and that we may have true Gospel Dispositions!