September 1, 1767

1767 September 1 (Tuesday).  John waits on his sister Sarah in Dr. Haws’ Chair to Hopkinton.  I had Mr. Beetons Horse to visit Betty Warrin — prayed with her.  Proceeded to Mrs. Martyn’s expecting Mr. Harrington from Lancaster to be with me in prizing Mr. Martyns Books; but he did not come.  Prizers of the Estate were there, viz. Deacon Livermore, Capt. Eager and Mr. Timothy Fay.  Squire Whipple also was there to swear them.  As we were dining came Mr. Stone and his sister Bangs from Harwich.  I took a Catalogue of as many of the Books as I could.  In returning Visit and pray with Betty Warrin again.  She is very low.  At Eve Sarah brought home Hannah from Capt. Clarks She having been there about Seven Weeks.