September 1, 1767

1767 September 1 (Tuesday).  John waits on his sister Sarah in Dr. Haws’ Chair to Hopkinton.  I had Mr. Beetons Horse to visit Betty Warrin — prayed with her.  Proceeded to Mrs. Martyn’s expecting Mr. Harrington from Lancaster to be with me in prizing Mr. Martyns Books; but he did not come.  Prizers of the Estate were there, viz. Deacon Livermore, Capt. Eager and Mr. Timothy Fay.  Squire Whipple also was there to swear them.  As we were dining came Mr. Stone and his sister Bangs from Harwich.  I took a Catalogue of as many of the Books as I could.  In returning Visit and pray with Betty Warrin again.  She is very low.  At Eve Sarah brought home Hannah from Capt. Clarks She having been there about Seven Weeks.

September 2, 1767

1767 September 2 (Wednesday).  Mr. Daniel Forbes here and takes up his Note of Hand — which he had neglected till now, although he had paid the principal in April and the Interest except a Trifle.  But he takes this Opportunity to manifest uneasiness about what the Church acted upon the Committees Report concerning Mrs. Andrews.  He thinks the Phrase of the Report was wrong in that it did not specify what disorders they were that she testifyed against.  But, said he, I have no Thought of Complaining of you for it.  I expected Mr. Sumner to preach my Lecture; but he did not come.  Mr. Peter Whitney came, din’d, and preached on Rom. 3.28.  May God grant us right Understanding of the great Doctrine of Justification by Faith and that we may have true Gospel Dispositions!

September 3, 1767

1767 September 3 (Thursday).  The Disquietment among divers principal members of the Church so great that I think it necessary to Spread my Case before the Lord and as it is also the more seasonable for closer Retirement in preparation for the Communion.  Jejun. and Hum. and prec.  But alas how brokenly and imperfectly!  The Lord forgive.  At Eve Lt. Brigham of Southborough and his Wife here.

September 6, 1767

1767 September 6 (Sunday).  Read Jer. 1.  Preached a.m. on 1 Cor. 15.57 and delivered my whole preparation though long.  Administered the Lords Supper.  The disgusted members present.  Mr. Samuel Hardy, Widow Grow, Mrs. Maynard and Mrs. Stone of Oakham, at Dinner.  The Communion Vessels are carryed to Deacon Woods.  P.M. It being late I omitted Reading.  Preached upon Joh. 12.26 to the end of page 88.  May God grant His special Blessing!  John So poisoned he stays at home to Day.

September 7, 1767

1767 September 7 (Monday).  I carryed to Capt. Maynards The last Year Journals of the House of Representatives and the Laws which he had sent me.  Also Mr. Cleavelands Narrative.  Visited Elizabeth Warrin and prayed with her.  Went by Appointment to Mrs. Marytn’s to prizing the Books.  Mr. Harrington there also, to attend that service.  But first I have their Leave to comply with the Church of Northborough Who meet to Day to choose a Pastor, and have sent to me to desire me to go to the Meeting House and pray with them previous to the Election.  I went and prayed accordingly.  Dined at Mrs. Martyns.  Mr. Whitney with us.  He is chose.  17 votes out of 19 members.  We prized the Books, but did not stay to total the Columns.  I returned home in the Evening.

September 10, 1767

1767 September 10 (Thursday).  Visit Neighbour Barnabas Newtons Wife, who is Sick.  At Lieut. Bakers.  He informs me my Sheep (9 which he has taken to keep) are come home to his House; and his Time being up, he would have me take them back; but I still committ them to his Care.  He offers me 8 acres of Middle Meadow at £400 old Tenor.  N.B. One Capt. Jameson there, from Newport.  Wants to keep School.  [Neighbour?] Silas Hill p.m. thrashes Flax seed.

September 13, 1767

1767 September 13 (Sunday).  A.M. read Jer. 2.  I laid aside what I had very much Spent my Time in preparing, which was about the Office of a Deacon and went on with the Discourse begun last Lords Day (a Repetition with a few Alterations) on John 12.26 from p. 89 to p. 93 and a loose paper.  P.M. Read Act. 11 and went on upon the [Happiness?] of Heaven from p. 89.  The Employments of Heaven from Rev. 7.15.  At Eve read one of the sermons at the Magdalen House, viz. on Luk. 19.10.

September 14, 1767

1767 September 14 (Monday).  Temple came to thrashing Rye.  Mr. Nurse helps me part of the Forenoon and part of Afternoon, in harrowing and sowing Rye in W. Field.  Had Deacon Woods Oxen.  Mr. Moore came, and dined with us.  He preached at old North yesterday.  I Understand he is chose Librarian.  Received a most odd Epistle from Mr. Hutchinson containing his Observations upon Mr. Cleavelands Narrative: they are shocking!

September 15, 1767

1767 September 15 (Tuesday).  My Kinsman Loyd came to Breakfast here, having lodged at Coll. Brighams last night: Is going to Blandford.  I get Lt. Bakers Chair for him — he takes up Sophy with him as far as to Mrs. Cushings, at ShrewsburyTemple winnows 20 Bushels Rye.  At Eve Capt. Robert Jamison here and Lt. Baker and Neighbour Zebulun Rice with him.  They agree with me about the Shop to keep school in.

September 17, 1767

1767 September 17 (Thursday).  Temple thinks it unprofitable to thrash, it being wet weather and therefore goes to Mr. Nurse.  P.M. his Brother Josiah — and they go off together.  Capt. Jameson begins to keep school in my Shop, now fitted up for this Purpose.  Was at Nurse’s and Will [its?].  Held a Catechetical Exercise.  Began at the 82 Question.  Had but 11, two of which were my own Daughters.  I delivered to them some parts of the Discourse on Ps. 119.5.  P.M. Master Jameson here at Tea, and at the Evening.

September 21, 1767

1767 September 21 (Monday).  Am somewhat employed further about Mr. Martyn’s Books.  A difficulty arises about prizing 4 Volumes of Dr. Mantons Works.  ‘Tis uncertain whether they were all Mr. Martyns; if they were, whether the 5th did not likewise.  This was to be enquired into because of the Difference there must be in the Price if it is a broken sett.  I returned home and din’d here.  Caleb Winch dined also.  We settled and I payd him in full.  Mr. Nathan Maynard Constable, came presently after Caleb was gone and was displeased because I had not sent him word of his being here, but I had unhappily forgot it (though I had told him I would if I could) till he had been some time here and then when it came into my Mind I could not perswade him to tarry, because he was to go to Boston tonight — but before he went I obliged him to promise before Mrs. P________ and me, that he would pay his Rates — which he did.  I visited Miss Love Whitney and prayed with her.

September 27, 1767

1767 September 27 (Sunday).  I have prepared enough for two Sermons on the Office of Deacons — nigh 17 pages; but must not divide it.  Therefore when I had read Jer. 3 I went on with the Repetition of the pungent and awakening Application of Sermon on the Happiness of Heaven from page 106 to 114, using for a Text Joh. 14.2, those words, “I go to prepare a place for you.”  Might it please God to add His Special Blessing!  Many Upton people are at Meeting here, Mr. Fish being gone to See his Relations.  Mrs. Rebecca Warrin dined here.  P.M. omitted the Common Reading because I had Such a long Sermon and had so much to read of Text, which was Act. 6.1-7 and mentioned also 1 Tim. 3.8-13, and which was for the Introduction of Deacon Wood into his Office.  At Eve read a sermon in Vol. II of the Practical Preacher, viz. Sermon XII by Dr. Littleton, on Psal. 90.12.

September 28, 1767

1767 September 28 (Monday).  The number of the Scholers are So increased that Mr. Jameson is obliged to change the House.  He goes into the sabbath House and keeps his School there.  I visit old Capt. Forbush and prayed with him.  Get Dr. Hawes Chair for Sarah and Suse who p.m. ride over to Northborough to pay a Martynian a Visit.  Richard Temple calls here, as he returns home from Killingly.