August 27, 1767

1767 August 27 (Thursday).  Send John early to Mr. Tainters for a Barrell of Cyder, which he Sends me Word he will give me if I will fetch it.  John has my Oxen and Neighbour Nurse’s Waggon.  Brings it and a Bag of Apples and Cucumbers.  Enoch Rice works here for Lt. Baker.  P.M. they draw Stones for Wall.  Towards Evening I visit old Mrs. Byles and pray with her.  In my Way met with Mr. Robert Baker of Marlborough, who complains of Capt. Jonathan Goodenow’s Conduct, and especially of some thing very lately done, which he is to answer for at Concord Court.  My Wife transcribed her Testimony concerning Mrs. Rebecca Warrins consent to the Minutes I took of what She witnessed concerning Mrs. Andrews.