August 21, 1767

1767 August 21 (Friday).  Finished reading Mr. Orton’s Life of that eminent Man Dr. Doddridge.  I pray it may be to my not only Instruction, but to my great Quickening.  I bless God for Such bright Examples: but am utterly ashamed to think how far I am behind: how sorrowfully negligent I have been, and how little good I have done.  The Lord forgive me!  And O that I might have the Special Benefits of the Blood of Atonement, and of the Intercession of Jesus Christ!  May I be greatly excited to copy Such excellent models!  And especially be Strenuous to promote the Glory of God and the Eternal Salvation of the Souls of men!  Omitted that Samuel yesterday p.m. put Mr. Moore’s Horse to Mr. Jonathan Grout to keep.  Temple and John, with 10 oxen a.m., with 12 Oxen p.m., plow in the further Field.  Nathan Kenny and Nathan Maynard help ‘em, and Jacob Foster is added p.m.  My son Samuel is transcribing Some Rules etc. from D. Doddridge’s Life.