August 19, 1767

1767 August 10 (Monday).  and at two o’Clock in the Morning wakes me to go in and See my Brother for She apprehends he is dying.  I went in — found his Breath laboured very hard, but did not Conceive he was then in such a State, after praying with him (which was at his Motion) I return’d to my Bed again.  However it was not two Hours before she called me again, for he was verily departing.  I hastened in.  He was choaked with Phlegm, and breathed no more.  It was at 3 quarters after 3 o’Clock that my dear Brother and cordial Friend gave up the Ghost.  May the God of infinite Mercy Pity us, and sanctify His holy Hand to us!  O that we might be indeed prepared for this important Hour!  That we might be able to Say, after the Example of our dear Lord, “I have glorifyed Thee on the Earth, and finished the Work thou gavest me to do.”  May we now “yield ourselves to God as those that are alive from the Dead.”  And may we ever walk accordingly!  I walked to Mr. Walleys — he was going to Mr. Moreheads Exercise after the sacrament.  I went with him to Meeting.  Mr. Pemberton preached on Rom. 1.16.  Dined at Mr. Moreheads with Messrs. Pemberton, Wheelock, Walley, Blair, and Lathrop.  P.M. Visit Mr. Bowen; where was his Brother Benjamin and well composed.  Visit Mr. Surcomb, who is ill.  I lodge as usual.