July 1, 1767

1767 July 1 (Wednesday).  Omitted that Mr. Daniel Mellen of Hopkinton has been here, viz. on the 29th last, and received his Pocket Book which he had left here as he went to Monadnock.  I am reading Court Miscellany for January and February.  Mrs. Hawes made us a Visit.  Mr. Batherick calls, and wants to let me know somewhat of the Conduct of Mr. Timothy Warrin, lately with Capt. Burnap of Hopkinton and Seems greatly moved at the Crooked Behaviour of Mrs. Andrews etc.

July 3, 1767

1767 July 3 (Friday).  Am thoughtful what Method to take respecting my Journey to Ashby; for not hearing from Lydia I hardly know how to venture to go for my wife, and yet if I dont go now, I can’t go afterwards, to be with them on a Sabbath; nor know I how to go away and leave our own Assembly destitute.  But in the midst of these Thoughts, I am eased as to the Latter; Mr. James Parker sends me a Line that he is in Town, and can serve me next sabbath.  I immediately get ready and ride as far as Mr. Morse’s at Shrewsbury, and lodge there.  For Suse is still there.

July 4, 1767

1767 July 4 (Saturday).  Early ride to Mr. Harringtons to Breakfast and Prayers.  Dr. Prentice accompanys part of the way to Lunenburg.  Call at Deacon Haywards — dine at Mr. Adams’s.  At Gibson in Fitchburg have the joyful News that my Daughter is o’Bed.  The Child was born yesterday p.m.  Thanks to God!  I hastened up to them and arrived some time before night and found both Mother and Child in Comfort, and every one in Joy.  Lodged at Billy’s.

July 5, 1767

1767 July 5 (Sunday).  Preached at Ashby, in the House of Mr. Peter Lawrence, on Rom. 8.7 a. and p.m.  Which may God bless!  P.M. baptized my Grandchild, Lydia.  And O that God would graciously accept the Offering!  And that the Sacred Obligations may be fulfilled!  [Marginal notation: N.B. Mr. James Parker preached for me on the 5th from Jer. 2.19 a.m. and from Act. 15 v. [19?].]

July 7, 1767

1767 July 7 (Tuesday).  Mr. Winchester in his Goodness, to conduct me right, runs before me in the woods, so far as till I could keep the Road; and safely arrived at Billys.  Before noon Mrs. P________ and I set out upon our Journey back from Ashby.  We dined at Mr. Isaac Gibsons, where we took Chair.  Called at Mrs. Stearns’s in Lunenburg.  Stopped during a Thunder shower at Mr. Goodrich’s.  Hastened to Lancaster and lodged at Mr. Harrington’s.

July 8, 1767

1767 July 8 (Wednesday).  Sat out from Mr. H’s.  Dined at Mr. Morse’s.  Preached his Lecture — on Rom.6.13.  After which mounted, and rode to Mrs. Martyns — but she was unhappily from home.  Yet we drink Tea with them that were there, viz. Mr. Peter Whitney, Mr. Jacob Rice etc.  After which we rode home, and found our Tabernacle in peace.  D.G.  N.B. As we came to Mr. Taylors in Northborough, they were newly returned from burying a Child that was scal’d to Death on the [blank] of 2 years old.[1]

[1]William, son of John and Jemima Taylor, died July 6, 1767, a. 2 y. 5 m.  Northborough VR, 150.

July 10, 1767

1767 July 10 (Friday).  One Mr. Thatcher of Lebanon, a Candidate, here, by Mistake, Supposing it to be Mr. Martyn’s; and bears a message from D[r.?] Minots of Concord, to Mrs. Martyn, that her Daughter is comfortable Since her lying in.  Temple and John plow in order to hoeing a Third Time.  At Eve Mr. Thomas Fessenden of Walpole, New Hampshire, and lodges here.

July 13, 1767

1767 July 13 (Monday).  Mrs. P. So indisposed I went to Dr. Hawes for her.  P.M. he visits her and She goes to bed to Sweat.  Mr. N. Maynard Sent me £19.10/ old Tenor.  Towards Eve undertook my Journey to Commencement.  Had Master Cushings Horse; and can’t well avoid going though Mrs. P’s Case is bad.  Lodged at Mr. Bridges, Framingham.

July 14, 1767

1767 July 14 (Tuesday).  Called at Mr. William Browns.  At Mr. Goddards and paid her for her Cheese except 4/ old Tenor.  Dined at Mr. Cushings, Waltham.  Paid old Mr. Stretton 3£ old Tenor Interest for Billy.  Visit Mr. Thomas Harrington, and Mr. J. Stearns.  Carryed my Watch to Mr. J. Rogers of Newtown, to be mended.  Was at Mr. Hunts.  Lodged at Mr. Storer’s.

July 15, 1767

1767 July 15 (Wednesday).  At Commencement.  Dined in the Hall.  Was at Mr. Peter Whitneys Chamber.  Settled with Mr. John Marritt and took up my Note to him.  At Eve supped at Capt. Marritts.  Sister Swain yet alive, but her speech much hurt by her Palsey.  Lodged at sister Barretts.  N.B. Her son Thomas very obliging and generous.

July 16, 1767

1767 July 16 (Thursday).  In the Morning visit Mr. Wyeth.  Mr. John Hicks (where my Horse was kept, and gratis) accompanyed me.  Rode to Mr. Adams’s of Roxbury thence to Boston.  Cousen Proctor at his new purchased House.  Was too late to go to Lecture.  Dined at Brother Samuels.  Horse put up at Brackets.  Cousen Bryant and his Wife and Mr. Coverly and his Wife, meet us at Brother William’s in order to settle the Affair of Mothers House: but we only signed a settlement made six years ago.  I returned to Brother Samuels and lodged there.  N.B. Mrs. Boyd from Newbury, Daughter of Coll. Joseph Coffin, there.  Also Dr. Charles Coffin her Brother there.  The said Mrs. Boyd Speaks of her Husbands Grants or Patents for vast Tracts of Land in the Eastern Country.  But what is much nearer and more affecting to me is, my dear Brothers deep Trouble, and distressing perplexity, in the Settling of an Estate which was, as far as I understand, chiefly entrusted to him.  Mullikins.  N.B. Neither Mr. Holbrook, or Surcomb, or their Wives at home.

July 17, 1767

1767 July 17 (Friday).  Gave my Brother the best advice I could: but do exceedingly fear the Event.  May God avert the sad Omens!  Took leave with very heavy Heart.  Called at Mr. Rogers’s at Newton.  Received and paid him for mending my Watch 25/ old Tenor.  Mr. Loring overtook me, and we dined at Mr. Woodwards.  Called at Mr. Browns, Coll. Buckminsters etc.  Arrived at Eve in safety, and my Wife and Family in peace.  Mrs. P________ has had a Fever and has not gone down from the Chamber this Week.

July 20, 1767

1767 July 20 (Monday).  Mr. Cushing brought home Suse.  Mr. Fessenden here — brings Mr. Cleavelands lately published Narrative.  I read part of it.  Mr. F. dines here.  P.M. leaves us.  Rev. Mr. Wyeth came to see us.  Tarrys over Night.  I am full of Concern about my Brother Samuel but can’t relieve him.  Wrote to him, but have not success in sending it.

July 21, 1767

1767 July 21 (Tuesday).  Mr. Wyeth visits up in the street; dines at Capt. Woods.  N.B. Capt. Wood had been here and killed a fine Calf for me.  The Quarters weighed 72 lb.  The skin 10 lb.  P.M. Mr. Wyeth offered to go with me to the Funeral of Mr. Artemas Bruce’s young Child, and went accordingly.  When returned he went in to Mr. Zebulun Rice’s, and came not to me again, but lodged somewhere among the Neighbours.  N.B. My Neighbours are employed in reading Mr. Cleavelands Book entitled “A short and plain Narrative of the late work of Gods Spirit at Chebacco in Ipswich” etc.  Received 3 Jo’s from Capt. Maynard per John.

July 22, 1767

1767 July 22 (Wednesday).  I Sent to Mr. Sumner to preach my Lecture yet by reason of the Funeral of Mr. John Brigham of Shrewsbuy to Day, I did not much expect him.  Have therefore spoke of it to Mr. Wyeth — but he delays coming to me this morning — and till after Dinner.  But he comes at length — preaches on Luk. 23.43.  After meeting he leaves us, to return homeward.  N.B. He told me he heard Rev. Mr. Nat. Rogers of Ipswich Speak of Mr. Cleaveland, as having taken in divers of the members of his (Mr. Rogers’s Church) into their (the Separate-Chebacco) Church and that he (Mr. R.) was much offended with him therefor.  N.B. Mr. Sumner kindly came to preach and attended the worship, though he came after we were gone to meeting.  This Evening I delivered two Jo’s or 36£ old Tenor to Mr. Joseph Rice of Grafton (which I received with another 18£ piece, from Capt. Maynard) which he is to deliver to my Brother Samuel at Boston.  And I delivered my Watch to Mr. Moses Haden of Grafton to be carryed to Mr. John Rogers of Newtown to be mended.

July 23, 1767

1767 July 23 (Thursday).  Capt. Jonas Brigham comes here, and is full of wrath and hard Speeches, laying upon me, most undeservedly, the late transactions of the Church about Mrs. A. as if I had contrived the Vote for the Committee and as if I had assisted them in drawing up their Report — whereas I was very far from both.  After many very bitter words (calling me a Wicked Man — charged me with falsehoods — and that I did not lead the Church (at the Meeting) as I had promised at Mr. A’s) he told me he was come to deliver his mind to me and leave it with me; but because he could not prove things against me, he Should come to his Duty — meaning I suppose to the Lords Supper.  O that God would graciously be pleased to sanctifie this very sore Tryal to me; and help me, in so much the Closer and faithfuller self-search!  May the Lord Pity this poor unhappy Brother and pardon him!  For what a frame he is otherwise like to come to the sacrament in!  Mr. Cushing has finished his school and to Day he leaves us and goes to live at his Mothers.  P.M. I visit old Mrs. Byles and pray with her.  She has a Rose Cancer.  In the night Mr. Haden brings a Receipt from my Brother Samuel of the Jo’s Mr. Rice carryed to him: but he left my Watch.

July 24, 1767

1767 July 24 (Friday).  I sent to Capt. Maynard for Mr. Cleavelands Narrative.  It is brought and I Read such parts of it as I had not read before.  At Eve came Mr. Seth Morse junior to talk with me about what he had heard in particular of my going to Andrews’s and talking with her before the last Communion.  Also about the Vote of the Church in Pursuance of which the Committee was chose to draw up something for the Church to Act upon with regard to admitting Mrs. A.  I gave him account of these Things and he went away satisfyed — said he was glad he came.  But what he has related of the great uneasiness among people affects me not a little.  May God be gracious to me, humble and pardon and Strengthen me; and prepare me for all His holy Will!

July 26, 1767

1767 July 26 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 63.  Preached a. and p.m. on 1 Pet. 2.9.  Administered the Lords Supper.  Deacon Benjamin Wood first Officiated since his acceptance of our Choice.  N.B. Capt. Jonas Brigham was at Communion although he went from me in so uncharitable a frame on the 23.  This is to my amazement!  Mrs. Maynard at Dinner.  N.B. there is a Number of Persons who at noon Time sing in the Meeting House.  P.M. read Act. 7.  N.B. My Wife was not able to go to Meeting to Day.

July 29, 1767

1767 July 29 (Wednesday).  Send by Messrs. John Wood, and John Maynard for Kegg of Rum, Box of Candles etc. to be brought in their Waggons.  Wrote and sent to Rev. Mr. Dodge of Abington, to be informed about Mr. Worcesters proceedings among them this last Spring.  Went to Mr. Jonah Warrins — talked with him and his wife.  Mr. Nurse sells me for 40/ old Tenor a Barrill of Cyder, out of Mr. Warrins Cellar.  Mrs. P. wrote what she well remembered about Mrs. Warrens Witness.