December 16, 1766

1766 December 16 (Tuesday).  I attended the Burial of Mr. Simeon Bellows’ Infant.  Mr. Fessenden here.  As he yesterday broached Some peculiar Notions about the Trinity, this Eve he goes on further therein.  The Sum is, That there is no Trinity, but with respect to our Redemption.  That there is no son of God before the New Testament.  That there is not eternal Gen[eratio?]n.  That Jesus is no otherwise the Son of God than as he was divinely conceived and born when he was so of the Virgin Mary.  That the Father was the Author of the Old Creation, the Material Heavens and the Earth; the son whom he believes to be God, is Author of the New — that is, the Evangelic Oeconomy: And as for Joh. 1.1 and Col. those Passages are to be taken Spiritually, and not literally.  And whatever is said of him in the old Testament, it was Spoken Prophetically and would not take place till his Conception and Birth of Mary.  As to the Appearances of old, to Abraham, Moses, Joshua, etc., they were Angels, Special and eminent, as the Angel of Gods Presence etc.  I had Shewed him Turrettine etc. — but it was of no avail.  He would adhere to the Bible, in interpreting which we made many Mysterys where there was none.  He took leave, designing to go upon his Journey tomorrow: and I took leave, assuring him that I could not go to Walpole, and praying that God might be with him to give him Light and Grace, and prepare him for His service.  John at Eve to Singing school kept by Mr. Thayer.