November 21, 1766

1766 November 21 (Friday).  I borrow Dr. Haws Chair for my Daughters to ride to Southborough.  Was at Mr. Nurse’s.  Mr. Solomon Miller took my Oxen home, either for his Brother James or himself to keep them this Winter and Spring, with this Reserve that I may use them to pay Mr. Nurse the Ox Work that I owe him, and do my Spring work.  P.M. Caleb Winch came again.  Dines here, and goes to work at the Barn to clear it for thrashing, and thrashes Wheat.  P.M. Mr. James Maynard was here to desire the Liberty of the shop for a Sabbath Noon Retirement which I grant to him and to Mr. Benjamin How, for them and their Wives.  But they are first to repair the Glass, the Jaums and the Hearth.  At Eve came Capt. Ephraim Brigham, and returned me the Money as one of the Arbitrators chose by Lt. Ward and Mr. Hardy to judge of my 5 Acres etc.  See Sept. 29.  Deacon Tainter also came with a Load of Wood — and Mr. Jonathan Grout came about the Steer which he has fatting for me.  In the Evening likewise Sarah and Suse returned from Capt. Ward where they had bought them Selves Gowns of a sort of Silk Camblet.  For which I am indebted to him 25£ 5/ old Tenor.