October 14, 1766

1766 October 14 (Tuesday).  James Haven from Lt. Baker, helps Caleb in carrying the remainder of the Corn — and getting the Husks into the Barn.  N.B. 134 Baskets of good Corn.  John came from Townshend with the Steers and Heiffers — and Letter.  Capt. Francis Miller of Hopkinton and Capt. Bowen his Friend, on a Journey to Pitts-Field, dined here.  Dr. S. Wigglesworth from Ipswich Hamlet, calls here.  Signs a Testimony concerning Mr. Cleavelands Church.  Mr. Fesssenden here: newly returned from Walpole of New Hampshire.  He also signs a Testimony concerning Mr. Cleaveland and his Church.  Miss Peggy Fessenden and Cousen Betty Gott here.  At Tea, Sup and lodge here.