October 1, 1766

1766 October 1 (Wednesday).  I got Mr. Wheelocks Chaise and rode to Hopkinton for my Daughter Sarah.  Mr. Stewart and Mr. Moore go with me.  They dine at Mr. Barretts.  I proceeded to Capt. Clarks and dined there.  Made up Accounts there for Sarahs Board at their House a Month.  Besides Several Presents which we both have made them.  But they have been very civil, obliging and genteel.  Mrs. Cotton and Miss Patty Clark, are so good as to ride with us home in another Chair.  So that with the Gentlemen who are our Company, Sarah is decently escorted home.  They all lodged here.  Joseph Joslyn also, with a young Man, whose name in Adams, a Freshman, came here, but went to Mr. Daniel Warrins, to lodge.  Per Jonas Kenny at Eve a Letter of Sept. 25 from Mrs. P. at Stafford.