August 18, 1766

1766 August 18 (Monday).  Was at Capt. Fays to get Linseed Oyl.  Visit Mrs. Wood and pray with her.  P.M. to Mr. Tainters in order to get him to hasten the Crossing the Ground which he plowed last Year.  Mr. Moore returned with my Daughters Sarah and Suse from Boston, but last from Medfield, where they kept Sabbath.  The Girls had lodged three Nights at Squire Adams’s.  They are, I hope, benefitted both of them in their Health, by their Ride, but especially as they had Opportunity when at Boston, to go out upon the Water with a Number that went to the Light House.  N.B. The Company were our own Relations — Brother P________ and his son Nat and Wife and son, Mrs. Winter, Mr. Oliver, Mrs. Bradford, Mr. Loyd and wife, my Samuel.  N.B. Brother Samuel was gone to Scarborough.  N.B. Mr. Cushing came and took his sister, and carryed her home.