August 2, 1766

1766 August 2 (Saturday).  A.M. I rode to the South East Corner — in special to visit Mr. Belknap and his Wife upon her Recovery — and prayed giving Thanks for Gods great Goodness in healing her.  Called at Seth Woods’s.  Dined at Mr. Chamberlains, who goes with me to Mr. Snows.  Attended the Funeral of the Child and prayed.  Mr. Snow tells me the Andrews did not receive my Letter very kindly.  N.B. Mr. Timothy Warrin rides with me going to the Burying — the Conversation is Andrews.  N.B. Dr. Willson takes Sarah.  Caleb worked a good part of the Day at Mr. Nurse’s.  John at the Bushes.  N.B. I apprized Neighbour Newton that a part of the Meadow which his unkel David Maynard was going to sell him, was ministerial.  His Chief Answer was, that it had been possessed a long Time undisturbed.  I rode to Grafton and lodged at Mr. Hutchinsons.