August 1, 1766

1766 August 1 (Friday).  C. and J. about the Rye and Wheat — they get in [blank] Shock of Rye and [blank] Shock of Wheat.  They work till past 10 in the Night and Mr. Nurse and Nathan Kenny help them.  Mr. Benjamin Hills being in a languishing Condition and lodging at Mr. Wheelocks, I went up to see him and Speak with him, upon his low state etc.  He is going another Journey, and his Wife with him.  I visit at Neighbour Zebulun Rice’s.  N.B. Earnest Talk upon the Andrews Controversie.  Visit Capt. Woods Wife.  Mr. Snow here and tells me his sons Child is Dead, and Burial tomorrow.  N.B. I sent by him a Letter to Mr. Andrews which I wrote 2 or 3 Days agoe.  N.B. Mr. Stone here in his Return from Stafford.