April 9, 1766

1766 April 9 (Wednesday).  Mr. Moore and Fessenden dine.  Reckoning with Mr. F. and he pays all that I ask him for his Board here two year agoe.  They both leave us — and at Eve Capt. Maynard came, and we settle Accounts and Interest with respect to his two first Notes of Hand, and the Interest of the rest of the notes to the 2nd of this instant, in which we take in Mr. Moffatts account of 27£ 4/ for Colouring Oil etc. and Ebenezers Note to Mr. Fessenden and the interest of it which was 9£ 2.6 old Tenor, but Capt. owes me, of Interest 36 pounds old Tenor, neither can he now pay any Thing upon the Note which is now up.