April 7, 1766

1766 April 7 (Monday).  Mr. Jonas Bradish runs Lines and searches Bounds of old Mr. Rice’s 16 Acres, his Pine Field.  In order to which they desire me to go with my plan of 13 acres and 14 Rods.  We go round my marks.  Capt. Wood and old Mr. Rice there part of the Time.  Mr. Zebulun and his sons Enoch and Levi there all the time of going round my Land.  And by our Measuring to the lower point Set up a stake, where we suppose the Pine Tree which is mentioned in the platt, but which Lt. Ward when he was with us there last Time, could not find, may be supposed to have stood — or near it.  Mr. Bradish and Neighbour Rice are upon the Same work p.m. but I went not.  Thomas Arnold brought Billys Oxen from Mr. Joseph Grouts.  With them and my 4 and Nathan Kennys, break up my West Pasture.  Mr. Ebenezer Maynard, Nathan Kenny, and a son of Mr. Nathan Maynard with my John, are the Hands.  Mr. Moore came, and lodges.