March 2, 1766

1766 March 2 (Sunday).  Read Isa. XII and preached on v. 1.  Messrs. Fessenden and Cushing dine here.  P.M. Read Luk. XIII.  On Consideration of the March Meeting tomorrow, I repeated sermon on Ps. 77 ult. accommodating it (by the Introduction and divers Passages in several parts of the Discourse) to the present occasion and Circumstances.  I also delivered the whole at once.  May God give His Blessing!  I propounded Mrs. Sever.  N.B. Mr. [blank] Haskill from Newbury comes in after Meeting.  He gives high Character of Mr. Cleaveland.

March 3, 1766

1766 March 3 (Monday).  Town Meeting.  The first Since the Act of Court which erected the District which is called Northborough.  Mr. B. Tainter and Jonathan Grout came with the Towns Request to me to pray with — which I did, and they are in great Peace.  D.G.  I gave Notes to Sundry Persons — as to Mr. Beeton — to Messrs. Joseph and Jonathan Grout.  At Evening Messrs. Cushing and Hemingway here and sing.  I invite them to come a few Tuesday Evenings to Sing here at my House — which they consent to.  Billy fetches my Oxen from Mr. Grouts.

March 4, 1766

1766 March 4 (Tuesday).  My Wife and I go to the private Meeting at Mr. Daniel Forbes’s.  I preached on Rom. 13.13.  At Mr. Forbes’s Request I carryed Tate and Brady’s Version of the Psalms, and he handed it to me in the presence of the people, desiring we might sing that Meeter.  Which therefore I mentioned — and I asked Master Cushing to Set the Tune.  He sat New Colchester and there were many there, to carry the Several Parts.  They also Stayed after the Exercise and Sang.

March 9, 1766

1766 March 9 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 13.  Was unusually long in Exposition.  Preached on Tit. 3.4 and delivered all I had prepared, for I chose to go out with the Application (neither curtailing nor leaving to another Time, lest it would by so doing be far less profitable).  Old Mrs. Dunlop and Cousen Betty Gott dine here.  (Neither Mr. Fessenden nor Master Cushing at meeting.)  Read p.m. Luk. 14 and for Sermon (besides some what of Exposition) delivered [illegible] what I had preached heretofore on Mark 8.34 from p. 37, to 46.  May God grant His efficacious Blessing!  N.B. Mr. Whipple p.m. sat Bangor tune.  N.B. Mr. Biglow delivered me a Packet containing a large Letter and two Pamphlets from Mr. Holbrook.  At Evening read in Mr. Bolton, et supr. from p. 29 to 41.

March 10, 1766

1766 March 10 (Monday).  Billy having got mine and his own Oxen shod, and loaded his Cart with a great Variety — his Chest — Barrell of Meat — Cyder etc. setts out, and Breck with him, for Townshend.  Mr. Silas Hill has my Mare to go in a Chair to Wrentham.  Dr. Haws and wife go like wise.  The Select men of Westborough and those of the District meet at Capt. Woods to settle Accounts between them.  By Mr. Daniel Forbes’s advice I Sent a paper to them by him, desiring they would settle with me.  Read the Pamphlets that Mr. Holbrook lately sent me, viz. the Necessity of repealing the Stamp Act, printed in London, reprinted Boston.  And the Other, Considerations on the Propriety of imposing Taxes on the British Colonies.

March 12, 1766

1766 March 12 (Wednesday).  Mrs. Mary Bradish here and gives me 20/ more, in acknowledgement for my Pains in transcribing for her my sermon on the Death of her Father.  She Says, this, with what She gave before (25/) is to make up a Dollar to me for that service.  I demanded nothing.  I give way, at [sic] let her do as She pleases.  I am disappointed of Mr. Martyns help in my Lecture and therefore am looking over my old Sermons and Expositions for something to preach to Day; but I have sent a Line also to Mr. Sumner, who comes, dines, preaches — on Luk. 22.19.  After Lecture Mr. Cushing, Mrs. Maynard and Cousen Betsy at Tea.  My Wife is but poorly.  Mr. Morse of Shrewsbury has a very sore Finger; and is to Day very bad with it.

March 14, 1766

1766 March 14 (Friday).  A very remarkably tempestuous Time.  May the God of infinite Mercy, pity all who are poor and distressed by sea or Land.  And, all praise and Glory be to His Name for His infinite Goodness to Me and mine, who have, though undeserving, Shelter, Cloths, Food, and Fuel, and many other Comforts of Life.  Might we have Grace rightly to improve them!

March 15, 1766

1766 March 15 (Saturday).  Squire Caldwell of Rutland District brings me a Letter signed by himself and 12 more entreating a Council.  P.M. Deacon Bond here, and prays that considering the great Difficulty of the travelling, and uncertainty whether Wine will be brought, the Sacrament may not be deferred till another sabbath.  So tedious stirring I am forced to Send for Thomas Arnold from Mrs. Johnsons, to help John in watering the Cattle and getting Wood for Tomorrow.

March 16, 1766

1766 March 16 (Sunday).  Deacon Tainter and Deacon Bond came and acquaint me with the Expediency, and they think Necessity of deferring the administration of the Lord’s supper until next Lords Day.  Deacon Tainter says Mr. Daniel Forbes came from Boston not till about an hour or two before Day (as he conceived) and left the Wine at his House; but that the Snow was so drifted he could not ride, and therefore could not bring it: neither do they think that many Communicants can come to Meeting.  I read Isa. 14.  Instead of the Sermon I had designed to be before the Sacrament, I preached on Tit. 3.5 which I had designed for p.m. and acquainting the Church that we were not furnished with wine etc. the Communion must be unavoidably deferred till next sabbath, got Mr. Fessenden to preach p.m. which he did on Luk. 16 ult.  N.B. Read p.m. Luk. 15.  Messrs. Fessenden and Cushing and Mrs. Sever dined with us.  After admitting Mrs. Sever into the Church I read the Letter from Rutland-District — but desired they would take it into Consideration against next Lords Day.  At Eve read Mr. Bolton from page 41 to 57.  But may the Lord grant us to take a due notice of His Frown upon us in the Disappointment to Day; and quicken us to labour after better preparation for so holy and Solemn undertaking!

March 21, 1766

1766 March 21 (Friday).  One Brother of the Church after another has been hereto talk about the Rutland District Letter.  Brother Whitney to Day, Shews his Opposition.  One Sarah Scot Rowliss, a stranger, comes in; is Sick here.  Says She was born in Cheapside, London.  Lodges.  Mr. Benjamin Tainter pays me 17£ Cash — this with Sundry parcells of money paid and laid out for me amounting to 16£ 3/9 and Notes 71£ 16/4 — in all this Evening £105.  N.B. Mr. Silas Hill brings home my Mare.

March 23, 1766

1766 March 23 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 15.  Preached on Gal. 6.4.  Administered the Lords supper.  Master Cushing and Mrs. Maynard dined here.  P.M. Read Luk. 16 and Preached on Tit. 3.5.  Baptized Mr. Samuel Forb.’s Child Sarah.  Read to the Church (by Request) a second Time, the Letter from Rutland-District.  No one lifted up an Hand, except Capt. Jonas Brigham.  Read at Eve another Portion of Mr. Bolton.  When I was come up to go to Bed, Mr. Thomas Frost came hastily and requests me to go and see Ruth Bellows (of about 15 years) of Southborough, who lies Sick at Mr. Hannaniah Parkers.  I went — found her incapable of Conversing.  Prayed by her — returned before Midnight.

March 24, 1766

1766 March 24 (Monday).  Jonas and John cart Gravel from the Back of the House to the Hollow in the Way of the Barn.  Mr. Batheric here — took him alone and talked with him about his holding down his Head at singing Triple time Tunes.  Miss Huldah and Miss Mary Stone came, and dined with us.  They went and Sarah with them p.m. to Deacon Tainters.  Lt. Josh. Locks Wife here.

March 25, 1766

1766 March 25 (Tuesday).  Visit Ruth Bellows and pray with her.  Went to Capt. Maynards, but he was gone to Salem and Mr. Fessenden to Cambridge — told Mrs. Maynard that I was willing to take 50£ old Tenor upon me, which my son Ebenezer owes Mr. Fessenden, and Mr. Fessenden owes Capt. Maynard.  N.B. I bought an extraordinary Quarter of Veal of Deacon Batchellor — weighted 25 1/2 lb. @ 20d per pound.  The young Ladys (the Stones) are here, dine, and tarry over night.  I went p.m. to Mr. Joseph Greens and bought a Cow of him — 6 years old for 27£ if I take her away now — 28 if he keeps her till She Calves and if She does well.  I take him at this last, and he is to hazzard her, and help drive her and the Calf home to me.  At Eve came the Singers, viz. Master Cushing, Hemingway, Thayer, Wheelock, Seth Morse, Benjamin Fay, Foster.  Master Supps and lodges here.

March 26, 1766

1766 March 26 (Wednesday).  Miss Huldah Stone having made a Gown for Sarah, She and her Sister Mary return home.  I was with them to take Care of them and assist them, the Banks of Snow being in some places very difficulty passed.  Dined at Mr. Stones; as did Mr. Mat. Bridge and Maj. Farrar.  I preached the Lecture there on Gen. 3.15.  After Lecture Mr. Chamberlin accompanys me in a visit to old Mrs. Parmentor.  I prayed there.  In returning home, Called at Mr. Thomas Temples it being stormy.

March 31, 1766

1766 March 31 (Monday).  P.M. I visited old Capt. Forb. and prayed with him.  He receives my visit very kindly.  Mrs. Andrews came and I asked her to give me Opportunity to Speak with her.  We went into the old Room, but it might have been better to have had witnesses — her discourse being Sometimes very indecent, and even intolerable.  (See a paper on which I have writ the Substance of the Conversation.)  The Lord grant me a suitable Frame of Spirit under these Tryals!  Mr. Joseph Grout takes Billy Oxen, to keep.