February 14, 1766

1766 February 14 (Friday).  Sent by Mr. Wheelock Letter to Mr. Holbrook with his Hutchinsons History of Massachusetts and 12£ old Tenor for Mr. Surcomb.  Messrs. Elijah and Adonijah Rice break and swingle Flax.  Mr. Biglow, to whom I gave Order to Collector Tainter, for all my Debt to him and for a Dollar for Neighbour Pratt who says he has lost a Note which I gave him to Mr. Gale, for an Hat I bought of him.  Elisha Forbes brought 19 Bushels of Rye @ 30/ old Tenor.  P.M. Mr. Stone and his Wife, and Coll. Brighams Wife, here at Tea etc.  At Eve Mr. [blank] Crosby.  Billy works at Mr. Warrins: Breck writes: John Cyphers.