February 9, 1766

1766 February 9 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 10 and preached upon the 3d v.  P.M. read Luk. 12.Preached upon v. 19.20.  May God impress deeply, all our Souls with these awakening Truths!  These Subjects were the more agreeable to me, as this Day 30 year ago, was a Day of Sad Visitation to me and mine, by the Departure of my former Wife — a time ever to be remembered by me, as full of Wormwood and Gall!  And I desire my Soul may be humbled in me for the many Sins which provoked God most just and holy so to chastize me.  I would also bless His Name that He has Seen meet to continue me thus long Since, and that He waits in this atoning manner to be gracious.  My Son William was propounded in order to his joining with the Church.  N.B. Miss Betty Gott with us again — dines here.  Memorandum.  Mr. Jonas Bradish asked me at noon, to baptize his Child.  I acquainted him that I wanted to talk with him first.  I told him I had Sent for him to come to me: he said he had received Messages from me but did not know it had any Reference to this.  I answered that I did not forbid him to bring his Child, but desired he would give me Opportunity to discourse with him first.  He replyed that he was not willing to have any Uneasiness with any Body.  He would not bring it.  Accordingly although Water was Spoke for, it was not Set up.