February 3, 1766

1766 February 3 (Monday).  I visited in the South of the Town — to Mr. Bowmans, Constantine Hardys, Isaac Adams’s, and Dunlops.  Went also to the Edge of Hopkinton — to Mr. Kinsmans and had Breck and John with me — for I bought a store shoat there, weight 106 at 1/3 per pound.  My sons led it home.  Visit at Gashets.  Dined at old Mr. Chaddocks.  Master Cushing here every Monday Eve, to teach Sarah to Sing, and he continues his other schools for singing, at Capt. Maynards and at Mr. Andrews’s.  Master lodges here.  Brother Hicks also lodges here.  He has been to Newbury and Boston.  He has brought me a Book [of fine?] Clean Paper, upward of 26 Sheets (as I suppose and has 29 in all) — and was bound handsomely: a present from my Cousen Thomas Barrett.