February 3, 1766

1766 February 3 (Monday).  I visited in the South of the Town — to Mr. Bowmans, Constantine Hardys, Isaac Adams’s, and Dunlops.  Went also to the Edge of Hopkinton — to Mr. Kinsmans and had Breck and John with me — for I bought a store shoat there, weight 106 at 1/3 per pound.  My sons led it home.  Visit at Gashets.  Dined at old Mr. Chaddocks.  Master Cushing here every Monday Eve, to teach Sarah to Sing, and he continues his other schools for singing, at Capt. Maynards and at Mr. Andrews’s.  Master lodges here.  Brother Hicks also lodges here.  He has been to Newbury and Boston.  He has brought me a Book [of fine?] Clean Paper, upward of 26 Sheets (as I suppose and has 29 in all) — and was bound handsomely: a present from my Cousen Thomas Barrett.

February 4, 1766

1766 February 4 (Tuesday).  Mr. Bridge brings his Bride to see us.  Mr. Fessenden and Capt. Maynard and his Wife walked over also.  And Mr. Smith who had been to Worcester, returns hither, to be with his Children in this Visit.  They all dine here.  After Dinner I left the Company and go to the private Meeting at Mr. Whitneys, where I preached on Rom. 13.12, which may God be pleased to bless!

February 5, 1766

1766 February 5 (Wednesday).  Capt. Wood, Messrs. Jonah Warrin, Zebulun Rice, Isaac Adams here with a Measuring Chain, and say they are Measuring from my House to Mr. Dunlops, to find a Center for a school House Spot.  I read old Dr. Mather’s Discourse on the Sin and Danger of Disobedience to the Gospel.  May a Blessing attend it!  Deacon Tainter comes from home on purpose to See how we were on’t for wood, as there were signs of a Storm and his Son, who provides is gone to Boston.  May God reward him for his Care!  At Eve Lt. Baker asks me to Marry his Son Silas (as he calls him) at his House, to morrow.

February 6, 1766

1766 February 6 (Thursday).  P.M. Lt. Baker Sent a Chair for me and for Mrs. P______.  We went to his House, and I marryed Silas Hill and Jemima Thompson there.  An agreeable Couple, and handsome Entertainment.  God grant the Joy may continue!  Young Thayer (Journeyman to Mr. Wheelock) Sings Anthems etc.  Much Time is Spent by the Young people in Singing.  I much prefer it to the usual Sports and Jigging at Weddings.

February 9, 1766

1766 February 9 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 10 and preached upon the 3d v.  P.M. read Luk. 12.Preached upon v. 19.20.  May God impress deeply, all our Souls with these awakening Truths!  These Subjects were the more agreeable to me, as this Day 30 year ago, was a Day of Sad Visitation to me and mine, by the Departure of my former Wife — a time ever to be remembered by me, as full of Wormwood and Gall!  And I desire my Soul may be humbled in me for the many Sins which provoked God most just and holy so to chastize me.  I would also bless His Name that He has Seen meet to continue me thus long Since, and that He waits in this atoning manner to be gracious.  My Son William was propounded in order to his joining with the Church.  N.B. Miss Betty Gott with us again — dines here.  Memorandum.  Mr. Jonas Bradish asked me at noon, to baptize his Child.  I acquainted him that I wanted to talk with him first.  I told him I had Sent for him to come to me: he said he had received Messages from me but did not know it had any Reference to this.  I answered that I did not forbid him to bring his Child, but desired he would give me Opportunity to discourse with him first.  He replyed that he was not willing to have any Uneasiness with any Body.  He would not bring it.  Accordingly although Water was Spoke for, it was not Set up.

February 10, 1766

1766 February 10 (Monday).  Jonathan Batherick undertakes to get me two hundred Oak Rails at the Ministerial Lot and Sharp them at 25/ old Tenor per hundred.  Visited at Mr. Solomon Bakers, Squire Whipple’s, Messrs. Edwards Whipple, Greens, Samuel Fays.  When I returned at Eve, Mr. Moore had brought Suse from Brookfield.  He lodges here; Master Cushing also.  Miss Betty Gott came with Mr. Fessenden and her sister Maynard p.m. and lodges here.  N.B. at Squire Whipples to day, his Wife gave an account of the late Troubles by Eliza’s Fright and Fitts.

February 11, 1766

1766 February 11 (Tuesday).  Billy and Breck have been waiting for snow, but none comes.  And they have been very much without Employ — except reading, writing, Cyphering etc. now and then a little Job for me.  But to Day Billy works at Mr. David Warrins in making Cart Wheels — and Breck works in the Shop in making a Maple Chest etc.  Mr. Moore to Brookfield.  Master to School; Miss Betty with us.  Mr. Constantine Hardy acquaints me his Wife last Eve had very perillous Travel and the Infant is Dead.  Ensign Benjamin Willard with new-leathered Bellows — he asks 30/ old Tenor.

February 13, 1766

1766 February 13 (Thursday).  Read Dr. Gills Discourse on Places of Religious Worship and Gods recording His Name there.  P.M. reckon with Capt. Wood and son and paid all by Notes to Mr. Tainter.  At Eve Mr. Tainter paid me £73.16.6 old Tenor, out of which I paid Thomas Arnold £37.15.0 (which with a Dollar he received of me some Time ago, makes 40£ to him and is in full of all Accounts with him).

February 14, 1766

1766 February 14 (Friday).  Sent by Mr. Wheelock Letter to Mr. Holbrook with his Hutchinsons History of Massachusetts and 12£ old Tenor for Mr. Surcomb.  Messrs. Elijah and Adonijah Rice break and swingle Flax.  Mr. Biglow, to whom I gave Order to Collector Tainter, for all my Debt to him and for a Dollar for Neighbour Pratt who says he has lost a Note which I gave him to Mr. Gale, for an Hat I bought of him.  Elisha Forbes brought 19 Bushels of Rye @ 30/ old Tenor.  P.M. Mr. Stone and his Wife, and Coll. Brighams Wife, here at Tea etc.  At Eve Mr. [blank] Crosby.  Billy works at Mr. Warrins: Breck writes: John Cyphers.

February 17, 1766

1766 February 17 (Monday).  Mr. Stone returns.  Having borrowed the Life and divers Tracts of the eminent Mr. Robert Bolton, of Mrs. Stone, am endeavouring to improve it.  Billy, though for want of Snow he can’t go to Townshend with a Sled, as he has long desired, yet goes upon my Mare, and carrys what he can.  At Eve came Masters Cushing and John Stone — also Mr. Bowman.  They Supped here.  Mr. Bowman brought me Mr. Forbes’s Burnet; the Sacred Theory, Vol. 1.  The two foresaid young Men lodged here.

February 18, 1766

1766 February 18 (Tuesday).  They left us.  Miss Elizabeth Stow, of Grafton, fell from her Horse, in the Road before my House.  She was Stunned at first, coming down upon her Head.  We led her in.  She came to, so far as to go on her way to Southborough and returned thus far, well.  To God be Praise, for His Great Goodness!  Breck and John to school.  Read part of Burnets Theory vol. 1 and Mr. Stones Notes of last Lord’s days Sermons, which at my Request, he sent me by his son John last Evening.

February 20, 1766

1766 February 20 (Thursday).  Mr. Moore and Master John Stone, each provided with a Carriage, carry off Sarah and Suse, to Marlborough to wait on Mr. Bridge and his new Spouse, to Sudbury — and they are like to make an Extr. Time of it.  Capt. Wood and Mr. Tainter here and want me to meet with them and others about fixing a place for a School House in the South Easterly Squadron, as they call it; I being outside man, as they will have it, to the North — and am outside of all the Rest of the Divisions.  But I refuse utterly to meddle with it.  N.B. Mrs. Lucy Sever wife of Mr. Moses Sever here and examined.  Billy returns from Townshend.

February 23, 1766

1766 February 23 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 11.  Preached on Isa. 10.3.  P.M. read Luk. 12 from v. 31.  Preached on v. 19.20.  My Son William was admitted into the Church.  May God accept of him and enable him to walk accordingly!  N.B. Mrs. Sever brought a Letter from Mr. Barrett, which was a Certificat concerning her; but it was so phrased that I prayed her to let me wave propounding till another Day.  Which she consented to.  Master Cushing and Mr. Isaac Adams’s wife dined here.  I perceive we have a New Pulpit Cusheon.  At Eve read Mr. Bolton on Gen. 6.8.9.

February 26, 1766

1766 February 26 (Wednesday).  P.M. I rode to Mr. Amsden, and found him in a Wasting state.  I conducted my Discourse with as much plainness, faithfulness and pungency as I could.  May the divine Blessing attend it!  Proceeded to Marlborough and in my Way visited old Coll. Ward who is Superannuated to a very great Degree.  May the Lord look upon him in inf. Goodness!  May I learn Instruction!  Found Mr. Moore at Mr. Smiths, in his Return from Boston.  He Stood forward to my House; I lodged at Mr. Smiths.

February 27, 1766

1766 February 27 (Thursday).  Having Spent the last Evening and this Morning with much amicableness with Mr. Smith, I left him to return Home; but when I had left Cousen Larkin Williams I was Sadly led out of the Way by a great Road made this Winter Time by a Number of Teams that have been into the Swamps and Meadows — but at length was directed right and arrived late.  D. Grates Per plurimas.  Mr. Moore was gone for Oxford.  In the Evening Thomas Arnold brings John Foster to me for my Approbation of his Joining with the Young Mens Society: which I (having cautioned and charged him etc.) gave.  Mr. Seth Morse’s wife here to reckon; and I gave her a Note for all I owed to her and her Husband to this Day.

February 28, 1766

1766 February 28 (Friday).  Monsieur LeBlanc Came up the Day before yesterday for his money — but not Succeeding, he returns to Salem.  I wrote to Mr. Barrett about Mrs. Sever, and Sent by Thomas Arnold.  I went also to Capt. Wood to talk with him about her — to know whether there was any danger of Objection if I Should propound her.  He answered that he did not know what there might be, but he believed there would be none.  Ensign Benjamin Willard here and dines.  Pay him all.  Letter from Brother Samuel Parkman earnest for me to go to Boston — but I dont know for what.