January 28, 1766

1766 January 28 (Tuesday).  Elizabeth Whipple had 13 fitts (as Billy says) last Night.  She has none a Days.  Mr. Whitney brought home for me Two Bush. and 1/2 of Malt from Mr. Mathis’s.  P.M. I rode to the South — Deacon Bonds, Mr. Kendals — Paid him in full and to his satisfaction for his Pork, yet gave him but 21d per pound; because it was generally but 20d at Boston as I was informed by many, about that Time, and it was sold for that in our own Neighbourhood.  Went to Mr. Daniel Forbes’s — and Supped there.  Called at Deacon Tainters in returning.  Alas!  I soon loose the pungent Thoughts which I have sometimes had of Death and Eternity.  The Lord awaken me, and all round me!