January 1, 1766

1766 January 1 (Wednesday).  Verily I may say God is kind and gracious to me!  I would give Praise and Glory to His Name, for His most unmerited Goodness and Favour to me, a most unworthy Creature.  O how His Patience and Long suffering are extended to Me, though so unprofitable and Provoking to Him!  Our Company (See the Close of the last Year) left us after Breakfast; and my Daughters, Sarah and Suse, went in the Sleigh with them.  But I relucted, because it began to Snow and I feared the storm that would ensue.  They proposed indeed to go no farther than Capt. Maynards where they were all to dine.  P.M. I had good Opportunity for Reflections etc. etc. etc.  At about 3 o’Clock came Breck through the Storm from Townshend, having Sat out at about 3 in the Morning.  But the Journey was almost too hard for him, the storm having increased and the Cold very Sharp; on Foot and with a Pack.  At Eve came Billy also: but much worried also.  God be praised who Sustained them!  The storm grows very Severe.  The Girls tarry at Capt. Maynards till better Weather.  May God pity all that are exposed!