November 17, 1765

1765 November 17 (Sunday).  Did not read publickly a.m. because the Chapter which I was yet upon in Some Expository Discourses, had been read already, viz., Isaiah 5.  Preached from v. 13-18.  At noon I proposed to the Church and Congregation to keep a Fast on account of the public Distresses — and left it to Consideration till the Afternoon.  Mr. Fessenden and Master Cushing dined here.  P.M. I read part of Luk. 10 and gave, for the Exercise, some expository observations partly which I had written; and partly was assisted from my exposition of Mat. 10 v. 5 to 16, i.e., to p. 6 with many Variations; as were very Necessary, in comparing one of these Missions, with the other.  At the Close of the Service I appointed, with the Consent of the Church and Congregation, a Fast to be (God willing) on next Wednesday come sennight, which would otherwise be our Lecture Day.