November 15, 1765

1765 November 15 (Friday).  Deacon Tainter comes with two Barrells of Cyder, which are given — one by himself, the other by Lt. Harrington and 4 Bush.  Apples for Sauce.  Silas Hill comes with the Deacon.  John fetches home Mr. Bakers — Silas gets ‘em down.  Providence cast him (accidentally to us) for my help, both to the Deacons Help and mine here.  Sarah undertakes to make a Cask of Apple-sauce, for which End She bought a Quantity of Cyder etc.   This Evening came Mr. Daniel Forbes and Mr. Zebulun Rice to See Me; but it proved a very great Interruption to me in my Studys and preparations for the Sabbath ensuing; and was to my great sorrow: for Such unseasonable Visits do unhinge me to a Sad Degree.