November 8, 1765

1765 November 8 (Friday).  In returning dined at Mr. Maccartys.  P.M. called at Mr. Pains and delivered a Deed of my Son Ebenezers to be recorded.  N.B. Col. [Murrey?] of Rutland there.  He was one of the Committee to view the Road in Brookfield about which my sons Forbes and Baldwin have Trouble from Mr. Joseph Gilbert.  Called at Capt. Curtis’s, who is returned from Yarmouth.  Tea at Mr. Job Cushings.  Arrived at Eve here, in safety: and found all well.  Thanks to our great Preserver!  My Wife informs me that, on the last Lords Day, not Mr. Steward, but Mr. Moore preached: Texts Mat. 5.44.  Love your Enemies.  Rom. 12.12.  Continuing instant in Prayer.  That on the 6th assembled a number of people from several Towns, led by Mr. Jonas Warrin of Upton, to Sing: had their Meeting at Capt. Woods — though I had given Mr. Warrin no Encouragement.