October 26, 1765

1765 October 26 (Saturday).  Mr. Loyd and his Wife leave us.  Mrs. Wheelock dyed last Evening.  Messrs. Steward and More here after Dinner but dined here.  As soon as they rose came two more, viz. Deacons Hall and Paddock of Yarmouth (who came to accompany Young Mr. Stone at his Marriage to Miss Molly Cushing) and they also dined here.  Master John Cushing here on his Journey to the Cape.  I wrote by him to Mr. Hawley — who returned from Onohoquage by Lebanon.  Joseph Warrin came from Billy at Townshend, and brings a Cow for me to keep.  John brought a Barrell of Cyder, Bag of Apples, another of Turnips and Two good Cabbage Heads from my Neighbour Hezekiah Pratt.  At Eve came Mr. James Parker and lodged here.