October 16, 1765

1765 October 16 (Wednesday).  The Council was formed.  I was chose Moderator and Mr. Morse, at my Motion, Scribe — He being in situation, somewhat Nigh, compared with some others, and well acquainted with their Affairs.  Mr. Marsh came with a Remonstrance and Complaint against the Church, which we considered, and easily got over.  Mr. Rice read a Confession of Faith (besides Mr. Fish’s Testimony of his Examination and Approbation before the Association).  The Church voted to proceed.  Mr. Marsh came no more.  Twas told Me Mr. Reuben Miles voted to proceed.  In the public assembly Mr. Davis prayed.  Mr. Forbes preached on 1 Cor. 2.2.  After Sermon I addressed the Audience, and the Church in Special, who renewed their Call — Mr. Rice his Acceptance and read his Confession of Faith.  I prayed and gave the Charge.  Mr. Morse prayed after the Charge.  Mr. Martyn gave the Right Hand.  Mr. Rice appointed the 68 Ps. 17 and onward and gave the Blessing.  Entertainment at Capt. Hoars, where I lodged again.