October 11, 1765

1765 October 11 (Friday).  Mr. Hastings comes to build me a Stone Chimney in my Study.  It proves unhappy to my Studys — for my Neighbours came to cutt up and gather and Husk out my Corn.  Thomas taken off from tending the mason.  Deacon Tainter and others cutt up; his son with a Team and Capt. Wood with his Team also, bring in the Corn.  A considerable Crop — thanks to God!  Many come to husk.  They husk it out.  47 at supper besides my own.  Sing part of Ps. 65.  N.B. Mr. Jonas Warrin here again to Speak about a singing Lecture.  I told him of my Engagements and that ‘twas unlikely I could attend upon it, at the Time appointed therefor.  Too many avocations and Interruptions.