August 6, 1765

1765 August 6 (Tuesday).  I rode up to Mr. Joseph Miles’s to attend a Fast there on account of his low Condition and yet he appears to be somewhat better, especially as to his Mind.  I opened the Solemnity with Prayer.  Mr. Davis of Holden preached a very Suitable sermon from Job 23.3.  O that I know etc.  Mr. Hutchinson prayed p.m. and Mr. Fish preached from Act. 4.12.  Shewing fervently that our Dependence must be only on Christ and not upon any Thing of our own, for Acceptance with God.  After the Exercises Several of us had Discourse with Mr. Miles.  Mr. Sumner and his Wife were there, Madam Cushing etc., a large Assembly.  May God accept our Offerings!  Mr. Frost of Mill-River was expected, but did not come.  I returned at Evening.