April 15, 1765

1765 April 15 (Monday).  Billy and Breck leave us to go to Townshend.  They Expect John Maynard setts out from his Fathers with a Waggon to Carry (what was moved from here last Saturday) Beef, Pork and many other stores — and Joseph Warrin (son of Mr. Timothy) hired by Billy goes with them.  I visit at Neighbour Locks and behold he is gone away for Penobscot.  Visit old Mrs. Woods and at Neighbour John Woods, whose Child is ill.  N.B. Mr. Gale informs me of Suspicions etc.  Messrs. Barns and Batherick with his son Solomon Digg Stones towards Nurse’s.  P.M. Mr. Fisk to ask me to preach his Lecture next Week, to which I Consent.  Mr. Gale at Evening Pays me £18.10 in Cash and £8.10 in Two Notes from Messrs. John Woods and Eli Whitney.  In all 27£ old Tenor.