April 7, 1765

1765 April 7 (Sunday).  I cannot dispatch any more in my preparations on the Subject of Scandals, than may Suffice for the forenoon Exercise.  Read Eccl. 7 and preached on Mat. 18.7.  P.M. read Mark 9 and with new and proper Introduction, Additions, and Alterations formed an Exercise from Sermon on Col. 3.3, latter part, p. 19 to p. 25, from Ps. 83.3.  And the God of infinite Goodness Pardon my Deficiencys and give His Blessing for Christ’s sake!  At our Evening Exercise, instead of Repetition read Mr. Bolton, because I must return that Excellent Book before I can read it out.  N.B. Mr. John Pratt dined here, who brings word from Brookfield that my Daughter Parkman was lately delivered of another son.  Which may God almighty Bless!  Mrs. Dunlop and Mrs. Kelly dined here also.