December 31, 1764

1764 December 31 (Monday).  Master stays and dines, but p.m. attempts to go home on the Racket Tracks — for to Day the Corps of Mr. Grow was brought on an Handsled, to the Meeting House, the Attendants coming upon Rackets.  I prayed in the Meeting House.  Afterwards Squire Whipple read the Deceaseds Will.  The Roads are so blocked up, that a Man travelling the Road, as he attempted to pass by my House, his Horse wallowed in the snow and threw him off.  He tryed on foot and led his Horse; but found it so difficult that he turned back.  It was observed to Day, that it was Scarcely known by any, even the oldest men, that the Roads etc. were so blocked up, so early in the Winter as this.  But God is gracious and Merciful and will faithfully take Care of us.  Thus Ends this Year.  The Lord grant I may most Seriously consider it!  And O that when my Life Shall end, I may be enabled to resign chearfully to Him that gave it Me!  And may Rejoice for ever before Him in the Life that Shall never know a Period!  Through Jesus Christ my Lord.  Amen.