December 6, 1764

1764 December 6 (Thursday).  Capt. Wood kills an Hog for me.  Nathan Kenny helps him.  At Eve Deacon Tainter kindly came and cutt and salted it for me.  Weighed 171 lbs.  Mr. Fessenden came from Gloucester and he, and Dr. Rice having dined here, he left us again to return there.  Capt. Wood here and Supped with us.  N.B. More concerning Mr. and Mrs. Andrews Conduct.  May the [Lord] Himself grant me Wisdom and Patience under all my Tryals!  But it amazes me that such a Number of the Brethren of this Church are disquieted with me, and will not be convinced of the Disorders and Irregularitys of the Chebacco Separates, nor of the ungrateful Behavior, the very unchristian and abusive Conduct of these Persons.  The society of young men came at Night and asked me to preach to them.  I consented to do it as Soon as I could but know not which week to pitch upon as yet.  N.B. Mr. Joseph Green here and pays me £ old Tenor, which he says is all So I finished with him.