November 15, 1764

1764 November 15 (Thursday).  Waited long for my Daughter and Miss Molly Baker, who have kept at Capt. Moores, where Mr. Bowman lodges.  Have opportunity of conversing with my son Ebenezer, who came, a Delegate with Mr. Forbes.  Mr. Martyn returns by Worcester.  Squire Whipple accompanys us from Squire Davis’s.  When we came to Sutton there was an Exercise at the Meeting House.  Squire and I attended — the Girls tarryed at Mr. Halls.  Mr. Emmerson of Mendon preached — Text Ezek. 36.9.  We dined at Mr. Halls.  He gives us Account that Yesterday there was great Difficulty at Sutton North End, when they attempted to ordain (one) Mr. Chaplin there: and that it was not accomplished till it was done by Candle Light and by but Three Ministers — Mr. Hall, Mr. Webb and Mr. Frost.  For Mr. Stone of Southborough and his Delegates refused to act.  A great Obstruction was, a Strange Plan of Church Government.  Squire Whipple and I made a Visit to his aged Uncle, Deacon Whipple, and Aunt.  Called, but lit not at Mr. Hutchinsons.  N.B. Great Disturbances and Animositys in Grafton.  I stopped at Lt. Bakers at Eve to Warm etc.  Drank Tea there.  Lieutenant brought Sarah home, and then took the Mare to keep.  We have the sorrowful News of the Death of Mrs. Prudence Hardy, about 56 years old.  A sorrowful Stroke!  The Lord sanctify it to us!  Especially to her Husband and Children.  And Aged Mother Byles.  N.B. Another Letter from Father Wigglesworth relative to Mr. Cleavelands Church.  Levi Rice helped John cart out our Muck.  Mrs. Johnson at work here for William.