November 14, 1764

1764 November 14 (Wednesday).  We repair to Deacon Davis’s, where the Pastors and Delegates are formed into a Council.  I was chose Moderator and prayed.  Mr. Maccarty Scribe.  N.B. The Church drop the Davidson Affair.  Mr. Bowman was admitted a member of the Church.  The solemnity (of the Installment of Mr. Bowman) at the Meeting House was opened by Mr. Forbes of Brookfield.  I preached on Jer. 3.15.  Mr. Martyn gave the Charge.  Mr. Gleason prayed after it.  Mr. Maccarty the Right Hand.  Rev. Bowman appointed Ps. 119, latter part, and gave the Blessing.  I visited old Mrs. Campbel and Capt. Griffin.  Plentifully entertained at Deacon Davis’s.  In the Eve at the fine singing at Capt. Moores.  Lodged at Deacon Davis’s.