November 8, 1764

1764 November 8 (Thursday).  This is a Day to be well observed.  Tis now 40 Years Since the Gathering of this Church, and my own Solemn Ordination to the Pastoral Office in this Place.  The Lords name be praised for His amazing Patience and Longsuffering.  At the Same Time I desire to be deeply humbled for my unprofitableness and unfruitfulness.  O that the Lord would free Pardon me, for His Mercy’s Sake!  Mr. Seth Morse’s Daughter, Elizabeth, Sick — am Sent for.  I went, prayed — had his Horse and visited Mr. Kendal who had lately a bad fall from the Poles above, down upon the Barn Floor.  Prayed there.  Mr. Davis of Holden here.  N.B. Enoch Rice went with my two Yoke of Oxen to the ministerial Lot for Posts, but came home wholly empty.  Mr. Maynard had cleared the Wood of Posts: whether he had carryed away more than his own I cannot positively tell.  Deacon Kimbal left us.  He charges 3£ for this last work.  The whole is 8£ old Tenor.