June 14, 1764

1764 June 14 (Thursday).  My Wife went to Southborough — to Mr. Stones and Capt. Wards.  I held a Catechetical Exercise — began at Qu. 47; what is forbidden in the 1st Commandment?  Begin next time at Qu. 51, what is forbidden in the 2d Commandment?  But 19 Young Women attended.  N.B. There was a shower just about 3 o’Clock, the Time of Going.

June 15, 1764

1764 June 15 (Friday).  In the Morning I visited Mrs. Hills.  I Spake with much plainness to her, for She seems to be too insensible.  Prayed with her.  Was deeply concerned about the Circumstances of my Neighbour Nurse.  He is absent; but his mother acquaints me with the writ served upon him for a large Sum of Money by Mr. Wilkes of [Middleton?], by which She and the rest are in great affliction.  My wife went to Mr. Mich. Martyns Shop.

June 18, 1764

1764 June 18 (Monday).  Visited at Capt. Jonathan Fays, two of his Children being sick — prayed there.  Thence to Mr. Phinehas Hardys, his wife languishing — prayed there — drank Tea there also.  Mr. Hicks desired me to go in and see his wife, which I did.  Mr. Hutchinson from Concord came in — I asked him to pray, which he did.  Mr. Art. Bruce and Richard Barns junior hoed with John — had Mr. Nurse’s Horse.

June 19, 1764

1764 June 19 (Tuesday).  Richard helps John again — Mr. Ebenezer Maynards Horse.  I went to Ministers Meeting at Marlborough.  The Lord bless such Seasons to me!  But alas!  How dull was I, especially at the Time of Concio — to my Grief and Shame.  The Lord forgive!  When I return home my wife tells me old Mrs. Prentice, and her Daughters Cushing and Curtis were here to Day: and with them Rev. Mr. Ezra Weld and his Wife.

June 20, 1764

1764 June 20 (Wednesday).  Was very much indisposed and could not go over to Capt. Maynards about our Affair.  Wrote to him to come here.  For Bruce was here in great Warmth against both Beeton and Captain and afraid lest Beeton Should buy and enter into Possession of the House.  Mr. Fessenden came.  Mr. Bowman at Eve.  N.B. Richard worked till Dinner.

June 21, 1764

1764 June 21 (Thursday).  Capt. Maynard came and told me that by reason of Bruce’s settness and stiffness against Beeton he was wholly unable to go on with his Bargain with him; and was likely to miss of the Benefit of his Money.  Captain came to complete our Business.  My Part was in Readiness; but he wants I Should trie to perswade Bruce to condescend to let Beeton at least set up his shop at the Corner of the Garden — he was also in great Haste so that we once more defer — viz. till next Monday.  Mr. Beeton here.  I ask the Reason why he was not willing to buy the Place of me as well [torn] Capt. Maynard?  He answers that he heard that I did not want to Sell my Place to him.  I told him it was true, and that I did not want to Sell it to any but such as had like Taste for what I had done there, as I had etc. etc.  Mr. Bruce came to desire me to renew our Agreement, which I did — by signing and Sealing as before.  Beeton and Bruce upon the Affair of Beetons living in the House this Summer and the Winter ensuing.  Coll. Buckminster and his Lady here and dined with us.  They returned to Framingham.

June 25, 1764

1764 June 25 (Monday).  Visit Mrs. Hills and pray with her.  Lydia David works here.  P.M. Capt. Maynard and I finished our Affair.  My wife and I signed the Deed of my old place to him, and he Signed Six Notes of Hand to me, of three hundred thirty three pounds, six shillings and Eight pence Lawful money; Including First, £13.6.8, the price of the Meadow, which he gives me Deed of: Secondly, he is to give me up my Note of Hand to his wife of 6£ 13.4, so that the first Note is of 40£ to be paid Sept. 1 next; this is the first payment — the Second Note is of £60, to be paid Apr. 2, 1765.  The third of 60£ Apr. 2, 1766 with Interest for one Year.  The Fourth for 60£ to be paid Apr. 2, 1767, with Interest for two Years, the fifth of 60£ to be paid 1768 with Interest for three Years.  The Sixth for £33.6.8 to be paid Apr. 2, 1769, with Interest for four Years.  A memorandum was also signed by us and witnessed, that the respective partys agreed that the writings Should bear Date from Apr. 2 last.  Samuel Taylor and Silas Hill were witnesses.  Mr. Beeton was present; and I told both Capt. Maynard and Mr. Beeton that I should reserve a certain large pine in the Hill and Timber for a Corn Barn.  Thus have I disposed of my Place and House; and may God forgive what is amiss [torn] but all may be to the divine Glory!  May I have Right to an inheritance incorruptible etc. and a Building of God an House not made with Hands, Eternal in the Heavens!

June 26, 1764

1764 June 26 (Tuesday).  Deacon Tainter here and assisted in counting the Contribution.  There was of Silver £, of Copper £8.7.6.  In all £ old Tenor — which may God accept and bless!  N.B. John Kelly is here again for what he Claims as due to him on my Son Thomas’s Account.  Mr. Sumner came to see me.  Mr. Sherman of Woburn only called at the Door — his wife and Brother in Company and Lady in the Chaise.

June 27, 1764

1764 June 27 (Wednesday).  Having visited Mrs. Hills, Went with Mr. Bowman to the Funeral of old Mrs. Green — and thence to Mr. Martyns Lecture.  I prayed and Mr. Bowman preached.  Text [blank].  N.B. at Dinner there, were Miss Mary Bradish, Mrs. Polly Holyoke, and a Number more of Young Ladys from Marlborough.  Miss Patty Smith etc. etc.  Mr. Martyn presented me a Valuable Wigg which was Mr. Monis’s.  A Storm of Thunder and Rain hastened us home.

June 28, 1764

1764 June 28 (Thursday).  Jonas Kenny mowes the Garden Walks.  Mrs. Martyn and her son Richard, Miss Polly Holyoke, Miss Patty Smith, Suse Low, Polly Williams made us a Visit.  Mrs. Maynard also made us a Visit to day and brought o’ Foot her little Robert Breck.  Master Ebenezer Goss likewise here.  All the former dined.  All of them drank Tea here.  Mrs. Martyn brought the above mentioned Wigg.  N.B. Mr. Eleazer Pratts wife very ill.  I was sent for and went to her — find her somewhat more in Darkness than in time past: yet trusting in the Lord.

June 30, 1764

1764 June 30 (Saturday).  At Mr. Hills request I went up to see his wife before She Setts out on her Journey to Providence, for, though She can very hardly lift up her head, or Speak, yet She has prevailed with her Husband to undertake in this unaccountable Manner.  I prayed, at his Desire, but she hardly Spake to me.  I suppose I said too much against her irrational attempt.  But they are gone.  Capt. B. Fay and Mr. Wheelock with them.  P.M. we got in a little Hay.  Mr. Stone came.  I went to Southborough.