May 28, 1761

1761 May 28 (Thursday).  My Concern about to days Service was great but not distressing or especially overwhelming.  I early committed the whole Affair to God imploring Remission of my Great Offences former and later.  Fervently besought the gracious Presence of the Spirit of God to purge and purifie me, especially to deliver me from the sinful Fear of Man and raise up in me the true Fear of God; and to Save me from Seeking my own Glory; to help me to seek sincerely the Glory of God and to Enable me to aim At the Approbation of the most High rather than human Applause.  O might I have the Grace of holy Faith and humble but firm Trust in God who is able to Carry me through.  Thus I cryed to God most high, to God that performeth all Things for me: And Said, What Time I am afraid I will trust in Thee!  The Convention were late by reason of preparing Addresses, particularly to the King and to the Governor.  It was almost half after 11 when we went to Meeting.  Through divine Favor I had good presence of mind.  Preached on 2 Cor. 5.14, former part, For the Love of Christ constraineth us.  Preached just an Hour.  Dined at Dr. Sewals.  My Friend Mr. Edmund Quincy there.  The Contribution was £139.18.0 Old Tenor.  P.M. at the Convention I was appointed one of the Committee to wait on the Governor with the Address.  The Others were Dr. Sewal, Chauncy, Mayhew, Messrs. Barnard, Appleton, Storer, Bridge, Stevens and [blank].  The Governor received us very agreeably, and returned an Obliging answer.  At Eve at Mr. Mathers.  Lodged at Cousen Winters.