May 12, 1761

1761 May 12 (Tuesday).  Under Difficultys and Perplexitys about preparing our Ground for planting.  But I obtained of Mr. Batheric to send his Son and his Oxen, and Mr. Samuel Forb. Oxen, to plough in the forenoon.  We had a Scheme for harrowing p.m. but it fell through.  I was Obliged to go to Shrewsbury to carry Interest money to Mrs. Cushing of a 200£ Note given last Year.  Was forced to borrow 5 Dollars of Mr. Hill to enable me to pay it, because I could neither go nor Send to Mr. Bellows.  I rode to Dr. Crosby and gave him 6£ old Tenor to deliver to Mrs. Cushing.  Visit Lt. Rice and his wife, both of them Sick.  Visit Mr. Joseph Miles, who is rather worse.  Dined at Mr. Benjamin Willards in Grafton.  Obtain Mr. Abraham Temples Horse for my Journey to the Election and Convention.  As Soon a I came home, and designing to engage in my Study, was forced to go about the Neighbourhood to prepare for harrowing tomorrow, Since we were so sorrowfully Disappointed for to Day.  Mr. Bowman keeps School at Mr. Nathan Maynards.