May 8, 1761

1761 May 8 (Friday).  Ebenezer Forb. plows at the Island.  Miss Betty leaves us.  Owe her 4£ 1/ old Tenor for 13 Days and 1/2 at 6/.  Alex had Mr. Nathan Maynards Mare to wait on her to Coll. Brigham.  At Eve Mr. Beton informs that Capt. Maynard has Sent over word to the Street that my Sheep are pounded.  It appears to have been done by Neighbour Barny Newton and without having informed me of their Getting in upon his Grass Since the Fence was mended.  I went up to his House and expostulated with him.  N.B. Miss Hannah dined with us to Day.  I paid her in full 3£ old Tenor.