May 5, 1761

1761 May 5 (Tuesday).  A very remarkable Morning.  For the Ground is covered with Snow, and it continues to snow hard.  It is Somewhat unhappy with us as to Hay, our English being all gone, and as to wood, for we have no Small wood left.  But God Careth for us!  The Lord Pity those that are in greater Straits than we are!  P.M. Deacon Tainter came for me to go to the private Meeting at his House.  I went.  My Daughter Sarah with me.  A greater Number were present than I expected.  I preached on Jam. 1.22.  An handsome Entertainment followed, but our main Concern Should be to profit by the word of God, This last being the principal Food.  Miss Betty here making Leather Breeches for Alex and Breck.