April 2, 1761

1761 April 2 (Thursday).  Catechized at the Meeting House a. and p.m.  I think 29 Boys and 38 or 9 Girls.  May the divine Blessing be all of them and render my fervent Exhortations and Warnings Effectual!  After Catechizing my wife and I were at the raising of Mr. Zebulun Rice’s New House.  No very bad Accident.  D.G.

April 3, 1761

1761 April 3 (Friday).  Broke fast at Capt. Woods.  Bought a large Deer Skin for 8£ of Mr. Abner Newton, and Sent 5£ 12/6 to Deacon Kimbal by Mrs. Crosman.  Visited Lt. Thomas Forbush’s wife.  Brother Hicks and Daughter Lydia here as they return home.  At Eve Brother Champney from Brookfield and has bought a place there.  He lodged here.

April 5, 1761

1761 April 5 (Sunday).  Mr. Monis last Lords Day, in Mr. Martyns Name, engaged me to change with the Latter to Day, and I accordingly promised it.  But it proved very rainy, so that neither did I go there, nor did he come here, as it was not my Place to go there without he came here.  I was obliged to do as well as I could, for I was not prepared to preach at Home.  I had indeed one Sermon made, and that I delivered, viz. on Gal. 1.3 and finished that Subject.  P.M. on Consideration of James Bellows’s Stealing I repeated some of my Expositions on Exod. 20.15.  Read a.m. Ps. 9.  P.M. Gal. 3.  Appointed Catechetical Exercise next Thursday.

April 8, 1761

1761 April 8 (Wednesday).  Deacon Tainter killed a Calf for me and carryed 3 Quarters of it to Boston.  Alex and Breck, With Nathan Kenny, plow stubble at the Island p.m.  N.B. one Yoke of Oxen of Mr. Nurse’s, another of Mr. Williams.  N.B. Mr. Parker, I hear, moves to Day to the widow (of Eliphalet) Adams’s place.

April 9, 1761

1761 April 9 (Thursday).  Miss Patty Smith and Miss Suse Low rode up to See us.  Dined here, and towards Eve, they rode to Capt. Maynards.  P.M. I attended a Catechetical Exercise to young Women.  Began at How did Christ the son of God become Man?  28 (with my Daughter Suse) attended.  N.B. Sarah was unable to go.  Lieut. Uriah Brigham here.  Rides an Horse that he asks 60£ Lawfull Money for.  N.B. He informs that Mr. Job Whitney, late preacher, is dead at Marlborough.  N.B. but was not true.

April 10, 1761

1761 April 10 (Friday).  Having much Trouble with my Sheep getting in upon my Neighbour Beetons Rye, I had yoked 5 of them.  But finding by Alex that the Defect is chiefly in Capt. Woods, Beetons and Barny Newtons Fences, I go to Mr. Beetons and to Capt. Wood’s, as Soon as I had dined, to confer with them about it.  N.B. At Capt. Woods were Deacon Wheelock of Medfield, Mr. Cullock and Pond.  At my Return Miss Patty and Suse that went from us Yesterday, came back here, and my Suse who went with them last Eve to Capt. Maynards.  When they had drank Tea, they Sat out for Marlborough.  Deacon Tainter returned from Boston.  Another Letter from Mr. Hutchinson concerning Providence and to desire Mr. Martyn and Mr. Stone (as well as me) to preach there.

April 11, 1761

1761 April 11 (Saturday).  Neighbour Barny is building (with a Number of Hands and a Team to assist) a stone Wall on the South Side of the Road before my Door, to fence his Rye Field: And setts it, as it is apprehended, a Rod into the high way.  P.M. Nigh Eve I rode over to Mr. Martyns, conceiving that he would expect me to Change with him tomorrow: but when I came there he said he could not change with me (or to that amount) for he had got help, Sir Livermore (who was there).  His Horse was Lame and all his Children were to be with him that Evening.  So I soon returned home (though it rained) and arrived here after 8 o’Clock; and Mr. Pratt (whose young Horse I had) kindly sent his Lad to ride home the Beast I rode on.  It was the more sorrowful to me as I depended upon this changing, and had not prepared to preach both parts of the Day at Home.  I could not but take Notice of this Second Disappointment and the Hand of divine Providence in it.

April 12, 1761

1761 April 12 (Sunday).  A.M. read Ps. 10 and preached on Rom. 13.11, but had no New-composed Sermon for p.m.  Having read Gal. 4, I named for my Text Mat. 13.24.25 and acquainting the Congregation that I did not expect to have been with them to Day and was not therefore prepared to carry on the Meditations which I had begun in the forenoon, but must deliver them what I had already delivered some Years ago to them — to many of them — but there was Some Number I perceived in the Audience who had never heard them and I conceived it probable that those that had, it being so long ago, had very much forgot, as I confessed I my Self had, a very great part or the most of it: but they being very Seasonable Things for them at this time of the Year (for I had so chosen the Sermon for that purpose) I hoped that if they received ‘em with meekness, they would by the divine Blessing be apposite and profitable to them — and then proceeded to deliver the Exposition No. 217 and part of No. 218, viz. to Head 4 in page 4 of that Number.  N.B. Propounded Molly Hills, wife of Benjamin Hills, and Persis Rice, Daughter of Zebulun Rice, to join in full Communion with the Church and told the Church and Congregation that as the former was somewhat of a stranger, I had writ to Rev. Mr. Joshua Prentice of Holliston, and had received an Answer that She had discharged her Duty there, and there was no Impediment to her being admitted to Special Ordinances here among us.

April 13, 1761

1761 April 13 (Monday).  Alexander and Breck about various Necessary Employments about the Fences, Creatures, Family Affairs etc. and Nothing about their Books.  I write a Number of Letters — to Mr. Stone, to Mr. Hutchinson, Mr. Forb., my son Ebenezer.  Send to Brookfield by Isaac Baldwin who dines here — and at Eve I send Mr. Samuel Hardy who tells me he has Sold his place to Elijah and Constance [?] Hardy, for 1400£ old Tenor.

April 16, 1761

1761 April 16 (Thursday).  At Deacon Bonds, Mr. J. Warrins and Seth Morse’s in the morning.  Looked for Messrs. Martyn and Stone to come and dine, but neither came.  I had Sent to them and Mr. Hutchinson to confer upon the Affair of preaching at Providence.  P.M. Mr. Hutchinson came.  Did not care to embitter the Visit with the disagreeable Subjects of Some of his Letters.  But having mentioned the Things to him, told him I hoped those things would be as if they had never been etc.  Agreed with him to change next sabbath come sennight.  Was at Widow Newtons at Eve.

April 17, 1761

1761 April 17 (Friday).  Deacon Bond with a Yoke of Oxen plows and Sows for me peas, wheat etc.  N.B. Mr. Jonathan Pierce here with his Account against my late son Thomas: which I settle, giving him a Note for 13/9.2 Lawfull money.  And as to the Saddle Trees yet in the Shop, he is to take ‘em and make what he can of them.  And I must make him what Allowance may be just and reasonable.  P.M. My wife and I dine at Capt. Woods (at his repeated Desire) but after Dinner I return to my Study.

April 21, 1761

1761 April 21 (Tuesday).  Deacon Tainter Setts up the Dial, by my Shop.  The Inhabitants meet together at the Meeting House to give in their Invoice.  And Messrs. David Maynard, Edwards Whipple and Edmond Rice come to me to know whose that Dial is, that if it is the precincts, they may set it where they have a mind to, and not where Deacon Tainter pleases.  [Marginal notation: Lieut.] Mr. Tainter with his Team, and Ensign Harrington with his, plough my Field behind the Meeting House.  N.B. send £3.3.0 by Mr. D. Hardy to Mr. Pierce for his son Jonathan.  Isaac Baldwin here in his Return from Springfield and Brookfield.

April 22, 1761

1761 April 22 (Wednesday).  General Fast.  Preached a.m. on Judg. 1.27, which I made upon this Occasion, which was (as well as for the season) the Designed Expedition towards Messasippi.  P.M. the Time for preparation having been so Short, and so much Company, and many Hindrances yesterday, I delivered Sermon on Eccl. 12.13, and the whole with some addition in this Exercise.  N.B. At noon the Well Crotch and draught pole at my Well broke and the whole Machine fell down to the Ground.

April 23, 1761

1761 April 23 (Thursday).  Mr. Edwards Whipple, Mr. Whitney and Capt. Wood assist me in Cutting a Well-Crotch in Capt. Maynards Land west of the Meeting House, and Mr. Zebulun Rice joins them in getting it home with 4 Oxen under a Drag.  Mr. Whitney goes home, the rest dine with me: but it proved so rainy they could not get it up.  Mr. Biglow, and old Mr. Seth Morse here.  Miss Betty here, having stayed over the Fast.

April 24, 1761

1761 April 24 (Friday).  Capt. Wood and Mr. Zebulun Rice work upon the Well-Crotch till noon and dine here.  Several Neighbours are here to help raise it up, viz. Messrs. Phinehas Hardy, Barny Newton, and a Number of young men, Noah Hardy, Adam Rice, John Wood, Amon Blanc, Nathan Kenny.  And, except the two last, they dined here.  Miss Betty here.  At Eve Ensign Willard of Grafton here.

April 28, 1761

1761 April 28 (Tuesday).  Rode to Marlborough Ministers Meeting.  (But this was after I had (on Mr. Beetons Mare) rode to Mr. Grows to visit his Daughter Whitney and prayed with them.)  Had Mr. Ebenezer Forbush’s Horse to Marlborough.  Dined at Mr. Smiths.  Messrs. Loring, Gardner, Martyn, Stone, Morse, Maccarty, Davis, Mellen, also Mr. Peter Thatcher Smith, preacher, there.  N.B. Mr. Barnet not there, though I had taken Pains, at his Desire, to inform him.  Mr. Goss was coming but fell from his Horse, and was carryed home hurt, in a Chair.  N.B. Conversation chiefly on the Conduct of the Boston Ministers at the Installment of Mr. Cummings, and the Animadversions thereon in the late Newspapers.  Mr. Stone drew up something for us, by way of Exculpating (as its called) but it dropped.  N.B. Mr. Mellen relates Some extraordinary Things respecting two Boys in his Parish, their Name, Dole, from Newbury; who have upon them as people Think, Signs of Witchcraft.  I lodged at Mr. Smiths.

April 29, 1761

1761 April 29 (Wednesday).  In the Morning rode to Deacon Tainters, Taylor.  Thence to Miss Betty Eagers, where I was so free as to offer to breakfast.  N.B. a very rainy Time.  Attended the public Lecture.  Mr. Maccarty preached on 1 Cor. 5.7.8.  When I returned to Mr. Smiths missed one of my Gold Buttons out of one of my Sleeves.  In returning home went to Mr. Noah Church’s: and Smoaked a Pipe at Mr. Joseph Brighams.  Miss Betty Johnson works here yet: makes Breck a Jacket.