March 29, 1761

1761 March 29 (Sunday).  Mr. Monis waited on by Mr. Richard Martyn, rode over here in the Morning to be at the Communion with us: but returned at Eve.  Read Ps. 6.  Preached a.m. on Gal. 1.3.  Administered the Sacrament of the Lords Supper.  N.B. a great Number of occasional Communicants chiefly from Shrewsbury — Mr. Pain having left ‘em, and denyed ‘em, to their great Disappointment.  N.B. There was Danger of falling Short in the Element of Wine for the Flaggons as well as Tankards were soon emptyed.  So that I Spoke, and desired that inasmuch as the Deacons had prepared only for our Ordinary State, whereas there was an extraordinary Number present, they would please to consider it.  There was therefore a Sufficiency.  P.M. not having writ the Close of my designed afternoon sermon, and my Thoughts broken by so much Company at my House (for Mr. Fessenden and Mrs. Maynard besides Mr. Monis etc. dined here), I took a sermon Suitable to the Occasion on Rom. 6.3.4 and with Some Additions presented it.  N.B. Read Gal. 2.  Also baptized 3 Children, viz. of Messrs. Timothy Warrin, Thomas Frost and Joseph Grout.  O that God of his infinite Mercy and Goodness would Please to accept of us and Commend his Blessing!  Appointed a Catechizing to Children next Thursday.