February 25, 1761

1761 February 25 (Wednesday).  Mr. Daniel Forb. junior goes to Boston for my Son Baldwin.  P.M. Mr. Fessenden here.  Mr. Eleazar How here to talk with me about my old place; but takes it further into Consideration.  At Eve Mr. Samuel Fay makes me a Visit, and is desirous to put an End to our Difference, but says he does not look upon himself one jot to blame.  And as to madam (he Said) he bore her as good Respect as ever he did in his Life.  On my Part I told him I had never meant him any Harm, nor intended to affront him: neither did I countenance at all those that injured him.  We gave our hands mutually, and I assured him that as to what was personal, between him and me I desired it might be at an End, but added, that I did not know what the Church would do; with which, however, I Should use my Endeavours that there might be reconcilement.